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ONLINEEEI PROMO COUPON CODE – SYCM14 FOR 5% MORE SAVINGS! Pipe and Drape Systems are a common need for churches across the country.  Each month, we have 25+ churches from around the USA contact us regarding their needs for pipe and drape (some small and some large) for a variety of applications for their settings.  This is true whether they … Read More

Onlineeei Coupon Code for Church Pipe and Drape Systems

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ONLINEEEI PROMO DISCOUNT CODE – SAVE AN ADDITIONAL 5% OFF Church Pipe and Drape Systems are a popular need of churches!  During this past month we probably received a couple dozen inquires from churches across the country needing pipe and drape systems for various applications within their facilities (whether permanent facilities or temporary accommodations).  When those inquiries come in we … Read More

Onlineeei Pipe & Drape Promo Code for an Additional 5% Off on Any Sale

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Each week we receive inquiries from churches desiring a Pipe and Drape System for their church.  For many years we would work with two of the leading providers of Pipe and Drape nationally, Georgia Expo and Snap Drape.  Our desire was always to help churches save dollars on the system they needed and we were regularly able to do so, … Read More

OnlineEEI, Georgia Expo, or SnapDrape for Pipe and Drape Needs?

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Over the years we have supplied many, many churches across the country with Pipe and Drape solutions.  We have worked with the major national manufacturers and providers of Pipe and Drape (Onlineeei, George Expo, SnapDrape, etc.) as we have sought to make sure that churches were able to purchase a quality product at the absolute lowest prices.  We have also … Read More

Does Your Church Need Pipe and Drape? Three Fantastic Applications.

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Pipe and Drape is a simple idea that has tremendous potential to help your church. The ability to create portable, easy to assemble room dividers, partitions, and backdrops has applications relevant to everyone! 1. Hiding the Blemish- Let’s face it, from time to time there are spaces that we would prefer not to be the center of attention. Unfortunately, water … Read More

Why We Now Recommend Onlineeei Pipe and Drape Over SnapDrape.

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We began working with Snap Drape International several years ago.  One of our church customers needed a substantial amount of pipe and drape to better define the worship environment in the temporary facilities they were utilizing.  They reached out to us at Church Furniture Partner to help their church save dollars on this need.  At the time though we did … Read More