Onlineeei Coupon Code for Church Pipe and Drape Systems

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Church Pipe and Drape Systems are a popular need of churches!  During this past month we probably received a couple dozen inquires from churches across the country needing pipe and drape systems for various applications within their facilities (whether permanent facilities or temporary accommodations).  When those inquiries come in we are always pleased to tell them about Onlineeei!

At Church Furniture Partner, we have long provided Pipe and Drape Systems across the country to churches.  And for much of that time, we would discount the product lines of industry leaders Snap Drape and Georgia Expo well below their normal selling price.  We always found ourselves successful in accomplishing our goal of saving churches dollars on all their furnishing needs.  When we quoted on the same systems other dealers were quoting on, we always came in with the lowest price by far.

But then a couple of years ago we learned about a third quality supplier of pipe and drape system named Onlineeei.  We began investigating their line of products, their quality level, their pricing and their customer service.  Our research resulted in the conclusion that Onlineeei was a great source for all church pipe and drape system needs and that they could actually save churches more dollars in this area of furnishings than we could.  Because that happens so rarely to us at Church Furniture Partner, that caused us to sit up and take notice.

Our next step was to reach out to Onlineeei and develop a relationship between our companies. We asked them if they would join us in our ministry of saving churches dollars on all church furnishings.  We were pleased at how receptive Onlineeei was to this goal and the end result is that your church can save even more dollars on your pipe and drape needs by using a special discount code/coupon code/promo code of SYCM14 directly through the Onlineeei portal.

Please Understand:  The promo code SYCM14 adds an additional 5% of savings even after all other discounts are applied.

If your church has any needs for Pipe and Drape systems within for any of your environments, please know you will not be able to purchase a better system for a lesser price than what Onlineeei will provide for you!  And please don’t forget to also utilize your special Promo Code of SYCM14 to save even more.

If we can help you in any way with this, or if you have any other furnishing needs in your church, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We love being able to demonstrate that we can save your church money on all your church furnishing needs.