Onlineeei Promo Code to Save on Pipe and Drape


Pipe and Drape Systems are a common need for churches across the country.  Each month, we have 25+ churches from around the USA contact us regarding their needs for pipe and drape (some small and some large) for a variety of applications for their settings.  This is true whether they are a church with their own facilities or a church meeting in rented/temporary quarters.  Whenever those calls come in though, we are always sure to tell them about Online EEI!

Save Your Church Money has worked with national suppliers of pipe and drape systems for many years.  For those not aware, that would include such companies as Georgia Expo and SnapDrape.  We have always loved being able save churches money from these industry leaders by providing their products for the least dollars in the country.  We would consistently be successful in fulfilling our namesake of saving them money on their furnishings.  By quoting “apples to apples” on the identical pipe and drape systems other providers had quoted on, we consistently provided the lowest price by quite a bit.

A few years ago, we discovered a third quality manufacturer of pipe and drape systems with the name of Onlineeei.  We did our homework, checked out their products, their quality, their price levels, and also their service.  Our efforts reached the verdict that Onlineeei would be a great partner for providing pipe and drape to churches across the country as they could actually assist us in helping churches save even more!

As our relationship with Onlineeei continued to develop, we asked Onlineeei to help us save churches even more dollars and we were thrilled at how quickly Onlineeei embraced this desire and the bottom line is that your church is able to save even more money on your pipe and drape needs by using the unique promo code-coupon coupon-discount code of “SYCM14” while on the Onlineeei Website or even while working with any of their sales representatives over the phone.

It is important to understand:  This promo code of SYCM14 provides an additional savings of 5% after all other savings have already been applied to your order.

If your church, or any church you know of, need any amount of pipe and drape products for any setting, we firmly believe you will know you will not find a more quality system for a lower price than what Onlineeei is able to provide!  And by using the special Promo Code of SYCM14, you will be able to experience even more savings.

Please also know though that if we can personally assist you in any way with this or other furnishing issues, we invite you to contact us.  We always greatly appreciate every opportunity that allows us to demonstrate how we can help your church save money on every type of furnishing need.