Why We Now Recommend Onlineeei Pipe and Drape Over SnapDrape.

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We began working with Snap Drape International several years ago.  One of our church customers needed a substantial amount of pipe and drape to better define the worship environment in the temporary facilities they were utilizing.  They reached out to us at Church Furniture Partner to help their church save dollars on this need.  At the time though we did not offer to churches a pipe and drape supplier.  We did our research however and determined Snap Drape offered us a great quality product as well as a substantial discount we could pass along to churches.  And for several years now we have been able to offer quality Snap Drape Pipe and Drape to churches across the country at great savings.

A couple of years ago we became aware of Online EEI Pipe and Drape.  One of our customers had asked us for “Black Oxide” Pipe and Drape.  Most pipe and drape products are an anodized aluminum finish (more silver and gray).  Because Snap Drape only offered the anodized aluminum finish we began looking for pipe and drape with a black oxide finish option.  And that led to our discovery of Online EEI.  Our church customer was able to purchase exactly what they wanted directly from Online EEI!  They loved the price it was available for!  And when they received their pipe and drape they were thrilled with the quality and the look!

As a part of the Save Your Church Money Network, our goal is to save churches dollars on all their church furnishings and equipment needs.  As we continued to explore what Online EEI had to offer churches in the area of pipe and drape, we became more and more convinced they were the better value for churches.  And as a result, we now refer all of our church customers with pipe and drape needs directly to Online EEI instead of Snap Drape.

But the story does not end there!  Because of the number of churches we are referring, Online EEI has graciously offered an additional 5% discount to all referrals.  You simply need to insert the code of SYCM14 into the promo code box on their site if ordering electronically, or communicate that promo code to them verbally if ordering over the phone.  This 5% discount is in addition to other volume discounts already offered by Online EEI.  And if you would prefer, you can fill out this contact form and an Online EEI representative will contact you.

Because Online EEI will save your church money on all your pipe and drape needs is why we not recommend them over Snap Drape.