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All of our premier partners offer Churches a free initial consultation to help you find the right solutions for your Church needs.

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Our partners have agreed to provide the best possible value to your Church as outlined in our code of ethics.

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We are always looking for opportunities to serve Churches better. As a SYCM user you will always have access to our latest benefits.

Welcome to Save Your Church Money.

Save Your Church Money (SYCM) is a unique web-based ministry developed to help Churches find the products and services they need quickly and easily without having to wander the internet trying to find honest, reliable, and cost-effective vendors to fulfill those needs.

Originally created by Pastor George Kreger to help provide the needs of his own Church, SYCM became a passion and personal ministry for George.  Through word-of-mouth, he and others pastors began to minister to more and more Churches across the United States.  Now he desires to provide assistance to as many Churches as possible through the SYCM ministry network.  You can read his complete story here.

Using Save Your Church Money is completely free; we have created partnerships with many Christ-loving businesses who offer products and services to Churches at a significant discount with a commitment to quality and value.

Our Partners Have Committed to The Church

Our premier partners are not referrals based on revenue sharing or sponsorship dollars, in fact there is no money exchanged between us and our partners.  All partners have been hand selected by our team and gone through a thorough vetting process and are committed to our rules and code of ethics; the number one being "Respect the Church".

Benefiting from Save Your Church Money (SYCM) is Free and Painless.

Using the SYCM website network and submitting a request to one of our partners puts you or your Church under no obligation, is completely free, and will not have your email box being filled up, your phone ringing off the hook, or your Church flooded with junk mail.  We do not sell or release your personal or Church information to anyone; only when you request it be released by making contact with one of our partners.  And, at that point, it is released only to them.  For more information you can read our privacy policy.

"SYCM has been developed to help Churches and Church-loving businesses work together and I am committed to that mission.  When Churches and Church-loving businesses work together they both benefit."

-Pastor George Kreger
Founder of Save Your Church Money
Teaching Pastor at New Hope Community Church

To learn a bit more about Save Your Church Money, click here.  Or visit our partner page or marketplace and learn about the ways in which we can help you save time, energy, and money.


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