Does Your Church Need Pipe and Drape? Three Fantastic Applications.

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Pipe and Drape is a simple idea that has tremendous potential to help your church. The ability to create portable, easy to assemble room dividers, partitions, and backdrops has applications relevant to everyone!

1. Hiding the Blemish- Let’s face it, from time to time there are spaces that we would prefer not to be the center of attention. Unfortunately, water and storm damage, cracked facades, and construction areas are a part of life. Pipe and Drape is the answer. A section can be set up in a matter of minutes, stay put for hours or months, and looks fantastic.

2. Dividing the Room-Everybody sometimes wishes they had two rooms instead of one. Well why not just make two rooms? A section of pipe and drape is easy, temporary, and inexpensive. Two rooms in the morning, and one room in the afternoon!

3. Hitting the Road: More and more churches are bringing services and events to external locations. Whether it be a temporary worship facility, a fundraiser at another location, or an outdoor picnic, once again Pipe & Drape’s portability and versatility instantly adds structure and elegance to the event. Our systems have been used in anything from masking a gymnasiums bleachers during worship while renovations are being done, to framing an entire room for a wedding reception. Everything can go up and down in no time, and transported just as easily. has over thirty years of experience in the pipe and drape and event industry, and is always eager to  share our knowledge with your church.  Please contact us ( for more information, or for help constructing just the right configuration!   Remember to use the promo code “SYCM” for an additional 5% off your entire purchase.