Onlineeei Pipe & Drape Promo Code for an Additional 5% Off on Any Sale

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Each week we receive inquiries from churches desiring a Pipe and Drape System for their church.  For many years we would work with two of the leading providers of Pipe and Drape nationally, Georgia Expo and Snap Drape.  Our desire was always to help churches save dollars on the system they needed and we were regularly able to do so, apples to apples.

A couple of years ago though we learned about Onlineeei which also offers complete Pipe and Drape Systems with many options.  As we helped churches acquire Pipe and Drape Systems, our investigation led us to conclude that Onlineeei offered a similar quality of product for less dollars.  We saw this happen over and over.  As a result of this savings potential, we reached out to Onlineeei about helping churches in an even greater manner.  They were receptive and today your church can save significant dollars by using the Onlineeei Discount Code of SYCM14.

The promo code SYCM14 adds an additional 5% of savings even after all other discounts are applied.

If your church is looking for Pipe and Drape for any of your environments, you will not obtain a better system for a lower price than with Onlineeei.  And don’t forget to use that special Coupon Code of SYCM14.  If you need some help with your system, just let us know.  Blessings!