Crazy Church Chair Test — Comfortek 7701 Wins Again!

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We have shared for years now, that out of the more than a dozen church chair manufacturers and importers the Save Your Church Money Ministry provides chairs to churches across the USA at a savings from, the Comfortek Seating 7700 Series has become our favorite church chair by far.  This recent “Crazy Church Chair Test” by Believer’s Chapel is EXTREME, … Read More

Comfortek Church Chairs SS-661, SS-7701, SS-7711, SS-7721 Lowest Prices

72069-DS1007 72069-DS1005 72069-DS1003

Comfortek Seating produces church chairs that last!  Their 7700 Series of worship chairs has become our #1 recommendation for a church chair that is produced by a true manufacturer (versus a “pretend” one), that also provides comfort, quality and value! Before we share more information on the 7700 Series of Church Chairs below, if you have already carried out your … Read More

Fabric Card Pockets for Church Chairs WITH Pen Slots!

Fabric Card Pockets are a very popular church chair accessory.  These card pockets generally measure about 4″ wide and have a depth of about 5″.  They can be located on the back of a church chair on a custom order wherever the church would prefer, but most often they are manufactured and placed on the left or right side of … Read More

Cold-Cured Foam from Comfortek Seating

Church Chairs / Worship Seating

A few months ago, Comfortek Seating introduced a Molded Cold Cured Foam (CCF) seat cushion to their popular SUMMIT Seating line.   “Cold Cured” or “Molded Foam” seat cushions have normally only been utilized in the construction of automobile seats and fixed theater seating.  Now Comfortek Seating has integrated this technology to most of their popular line of worship seating.  Church … Read More