Crazy Church Chair Test — Comfortek 7701 Wins Again!

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We have shared for years now, that out of the more than a dozen church chair manufacturers and importers the Save Your Church Money Ministry provides chairs to churches across the USA at a savings from, the Comfortek Seating 7700 Series has become our favorite church chair by far.  This recent “Crazy Church Chair Test” by Believer’s Chapel is EXTREME, but provides another testimony to this reality.  I know you will enjoy this:

Here is some additional information.  Pastor Sean contacted us on February 10, just a few days ago.  Because of the growth of Believer’s Chapel over the past seven years, and because the church had been sitting on folding chairs during those years, they were in the market for 500 new church chairs.  They already had several church chair samples in hand, but had heard of the Save Your Church Money Ministry and reached out to us as well with their need.  One of our team members immediately began working with Pastor Sean discussing his specific need and environment at Believer’s Chapel.  Based on the findings from that discussion, our team member then sent Sean a complimentary sample church chair, and a variety of fabric swatches.

Our team member who was working with Pastor Sean said one of the highlights for her was when Sean and her shared their “stories” with each other!  Our team member recently experienced she and her husband and two sons moving 100 miles or so away from their hometown to be part of a church plant.  This meant selling everything, finding new employment for her husband, leaving behind friends and family, etc.  After sharing their stories, Pastor Sean and our team member spent time on the phone praying together.  While church chairs had been what brought them together on the phone, the work of planting churches connected them far more!

After receiving their sample church chair, Pastor Sean embarked on their “Crazy Church Chair Test” and after it was completed, placed an order for 500 of the Comfortek 7701 in DS-1007 Stone Charcoal Fabric (pictured above).  Those chairs will be delivered to him in a few days.  The entire process (i.e contacting us, multiple phone calls and discussions, a sample chair being sent, the testing of the church chairs, the placing of the chair order, and the delivery of the church chairs) will take less than four weeks!

Pastor Sean, we have had a great time working with Believer’s Chapel!  We know your church chairs are going to be a blessing to your ministry for many, many years.  We look forward to hearing what God does at Believer’s Chapel over those years ahead, and coming alongside you to assist in any way we can!

Now, for those reading this article, who perhaps have your own church chair needs or other furnishing needs at your church, click here to work with Save Your Church Money just as Pastor Sean did!