Fabric Card Pockets for Church Chairs WITH Pen Slots!

Card Pocket with Pencil Holder

Fabric Card Pockets are a very popular church chair accessory.  These card pockets generally measure about 4″ wide and have a depth of about 5″.  They can be located on the back of a church chair on a custom order wherever the church would prefer, but most often they are manufactured and placed on the left or right side of the seat back on the lower half of the seat back.  Churches can then place a variety of printed materials within these card pockets, though the most common inserts are welcome cards, offering envelopes, etc.  And because the card pocket is not elasticized (which can stretch out over time) these fabric card pockets are very durable, very low-maintenance, and very inexpensive.

Historically though the one feature lacking for church chair fabric card pockets has been a readily available pen or pencil to fill out the cards or envelopes or other printed materials.  Churches that have attempted to place pencils into fabric card pockets have found that invariably this results in the chair fabric being marred with pencil lead.  And churches that have tried to place pens into the fabric card pockets have also discovered that this tends to have some negative results.  Yet having a writing instrument readily available to worship service attendees is a significantly positive and valued attribute.

Recently Comfortek Seating has introduced a Church Chair Fabric Card Pocket WITH a PEN SLOT!  This feature is available on their entire 7700 Series of Worship Chairs including the SS-7701, the SS-7711 and the SS-7721.  It is also available on the SS-661.  We have found churches really appreciate this simple and yet very important feature.  Many churches will purchase simple Bic Clic Pens in bulk and have them imprinted with their church information and insert one pen in each pen slot.  Even when the pen is then walked off with, the church itself is viewed in an ongoing manner.

The church chair fabric card pocket with pen slot is very affordable costing only a little over a dollar each for the total combination of fabric card pocket and fabric pen slot.  Please understand the fabric card pocket with pen slot must be installed at the time the church chairs are manufactured.  This is NOT an after-market product.  But when ordered with your church chairs, this feature is one of the most affordable and useable that can be purchased.  We already have several churches that are using this innovative and yet simple option.  We would be pleased to provide you with references from them.  If your church is at all in the market for church chairs, we encourage you to consider adding the Church Chair Fabric Card Pocket with Pen Slot to those chairs.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.