Comfortek Church Chairs SS-661, SS-7701, SS-7711, SS-7721 Lowest Prices

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Comfortek Seating produces church chairs that last!  Their 7700 Series of worship chairs has become our #1 recommendation for a church chair that is produced by a true manufacturer (versus a “pretend” one), that also provides comfort, quality and value!

Before we share more information on the 7700 Series of Church Chairs below, if you have already carried out your church chair research, have decided on the 7700 Series for your church, and are now ready for the lowest price on any of the chairs in this series, you can contact us here and not read further (unless you wish of course).

For those still reading, the Comfortek Seating 7700 Series consists of three main models, the SS-7701, the SS-7711, and the SS-7721. In addition, there are also ARMED versions of each of these models, the SS-7741, the SS-7751 and the SS-7761.  And beyond this, there are also different chair widths available for each of the above models, as well as hundreds of fabric/frame finish combinations and a variety of customization options.  Being a TRUE manufacturer is what provides this level of production choices! (“Pretend” manufacturers just buy chairs from an overseas factory, put their own name on the chairs, and PRETEND they made the chairs)!

From the seat down, all of the above Comfortek 7700 models are essentially the same.  The seat backs are where the difference between models is most noticeable.

The SS-7701 has an “open seat back” meaning that the frame of the chair can be seen by those sitting behind the chair.  Open back chairs are important for those stacking their church chairs on a regular basis as they stack much easier.

The SS-7711 then adds a “fully enclosed seat back” meaning that now those sitting behind the 7711 will not see any metal framing at all above the height of the chair seat.  Please know this is an aesthetic addition to the chair and not a structural one.

The SS-7721 then builds on the 7711 by adding a “radius seat back” to the now already fully enclosed seat back.  This allows the occupant of the chair to slightly sit back “into” the seat back, creating additional comfort.  (By the way, the 7721 will still be $15.00 or so less per chair than a Bertolini Impressions Church Chair even though many will choose the 7721 as the superior chair).

Here is where it gets even more interesting!  By coupling Save Your Church Money’s low overhead operating practices with Comfortek’s 7700 Series of Church Chairs, churches can save substantial dollars.  Please know, we fervently operate SYCM with almost zero overhead costs!  We avoid all investment in brick and mortar!  We refuse to spend on advertising!  We have chosen against maintaining and investing in an expensive eCommerce site!  We are committed to relying on word-of-mouth referrals!  Most critically, since our mission is to save our churches dollars, we find it quite easy to provide Comfortek Seating Church Chairs for less dollars than you can purchase them anywhere!

Recently we had a customer looking for 925 of the SS-7721 Church Chair produced by Comfortek Seating!  They had obtained several quotes from across the web, heard about us from another source, and ended up saving over $5.00 per chair (almost $5,000.00) on the exact same order compared to their other quotes!  We love hearing such stories and they take happen often.

Please remember:  Comfortek Seating produces these chairs!  But SYCM will save your church dollars when purchasing them!