Cold-Cured Foam from Comfortek Seating

Church Chairs / Worship Seating

A few months ago, Comfortek Seating introduced a Molded Cold Cured Foam (CCF) seat cushion to their popular SUMMIT Seating line.   “Cold Cured” or “Molded Foam” seat cushions have normally only been utilized in the construction of automobile seats and fixed theater seating.  Now Comfortek Seating has integrated this technology to most of their popular line of worship seating.  Church Furniture Partner is currently aware of no other church seating manufacturer who is featuring this technology.

How does this technology work?  Within these seat cushions, “Air-Pockets” are strategically placed throughout to provide outstanding comfort and performance.  This new technology will hold its shape exactly for the life of the foam, and because the cushion is manufactured in a mold, all cushions are the same size.  In addition, a membrane is created in the production of these seats that repels all spills on the seat from soaking into the foam.  A great advantage for churches is that molded CCF cushions are covered by an extended 15 Year Warranty, well above the industry standard 5 year foam warranty.

This new technology is available on most worship seating models, including the SS-7701, the SS-7711, and the SS-7721.

The Summit Seating Line from Comfortek is available from both Church Furniture Partner and Church Furniture Partner.  You’ll find the best pricing in the country from both of these sources.