Church Stewardship Programs: Using Save Your Church Money is Great Stewardship

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One of the best Church Stewardship Programs is an easy one for your church to embrace!  You simply make sure your church is receiving the best value possible for every dollar that is spent. Take for example the subject of church furnishings, such as church chairs, tables, or any other type of furniture used in your church facilities. Did you … Read More

Outsourced Church Bookkeeping Service – Empower Accounting

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Church Bookkeeping and Accounting is an area where an increasing number of churches from across the country have discovered a way to save their churches money.  Whether a church plant that so needs a guiding hand for their accounting needs as they are getting started, or a long-established church facing the retirement of their bookkeeper and needing a solution moving … Read More

Top Ten Ways to Increase Electronic Giving

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I challenge you to ask ten people at your organization what they know about your electronic giving program.  You may be surprised to learn that not everybody knows that electronic giving is available. Top Ten Ways to Increase Electronic Giving  1)     Make sure the electronic giving button is easy to find on your organization web site.  If people can’t find … Read More

Electronic Giving is Very Affordable and Easy to Launch

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Electronic Giving is very affordable.  By outsourcing the electronic giving process your church may offer this service at a fraction of what it would cost to do it on your own.  Most of the churches using the EGIVE system pay less than $50 per month.  Some pay more but they receive a large amount of gifts through the electronic giving … Read More

Avoid the summer swoon in giving

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Summer is upon us and many churches experience a decrease in attendance and giving.  To avoid the summer swoon in giving promote your electronic giving program.  Your electronic giving program will help givers to keep their commitment to the church when the church needs it the most.  Feel free to use the catchy phrase “Don’t let your offering go on … Read More

Establish an Expense Reduction Team and Help Your Church Budget

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Expense Reduction Team Please consider establishing an Expense Reduction Team to review all service contracts and non salary expenses in an effort to save your church money.  Your church may be blessed with members that have experience in negotiating service contracts, property management and in reducing expenses.  This team should also ask the church staff for suggestions on areas they believe the church may be able to save money.  Review every expense carefully for items … Read More