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Crimso10[1]Church Bookkeeping and Accounting is an area where an increasing number of churches from across the country have discovered a way to save their churches money.  Whether a church plant that so needs a guiding hand for their accounting needs as they are getting started, or a long-established church facing the retirement of their bookkeeper and needing a solution moving forward, more and more churches are investigating and deciding to take advantage of an outsourced church bookkeeping and accounting service.  While this type of service is relatively new in our day, there are really two primary drivers that its increasing popularity can be attributed to:

  • The first driver is the amazing advances that have been make in technology that allow someone from perhaps several states away geographically, to interact with your church and people as if they were actually onsite.
  • A second major driver is the increased scrutiny of churches by various governments and entities along with the ever-growing complexities of compliance that churches are being subjected to in our day.

The Save Your Church Money Network is pleased that Empower Accounting, operated by Justin Spicer, is now a part of our mission of saving churches dollars.  We first developed a relationship with Justin during this tenure as Executive Pastor of Denver United Church of Denver, Colorado.  That relationship has continued to grow as Justin now ministers to churches across the country through Empower Accounting.  While Empower Accounting’s services to churches are comprehensive, they can be summarized by these three points:

  • First, Empower Accounting will manage your church’s books with great care and accuracy which will provide your church a very detailed and complete status of your financial position at all times.
  • Second, Empower Accounting will handle the complex payroll issues that can frustrate those in your church such as tax filing and payments, direct deposit, etc. all through highly secure, cloud-based administration.
  • Third, Empower Accounting will save your church dollars as you will not need to have in place an accounting department as they will do it all for your church, thus freeing up your people to carry out the ministry and mission of your church.

As a Save Your Church Money Network Partner, Empower Accounting is pleased to offer a FREE consultation to your church to help you understand the benefits of outsourced church bookkeeping and accounting.  You can use this form to start the process of saving dollars for your church!