Top Ten Ways to Increase Electronic Giving

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I challenge you to ask ten people at your organization what they know about your electronic giving program.  You may be surprised to learn that not everybody knows that electronic giving is available.

Top Ten Ways to Increase Electronic Giving

 1)     Make sure the electronic giving button is easy to find on your organization web site.  If people can’t find it they won’t use it.  You would be amazed at how often we go to an organization web site and are unable to find the eGive button.  Web sites get changed and electronic giving does not always make it through the change process intact.

2)   Make sure the giving web site works and preselects your organization to receive the funds.  It should be easy to use and be secure beginning with https://

3)  Include a QR code in bulletins and newsletters and other printed items that people may scan to give?  Promote electronic giving in newsletters and bulletins.  Let people know about it!

There are a number of free web sites that will help you to create a QR code.

Scan to Give

Scan to Give

4)     Include your web site address in all correspondence to drive people to your web site and keep the web site updated.  Promote your web site!

5)    Do you have a mobile web site or is your web site coded in responsive code to work well with mobile devices?  A mobile web site is usually the most cost effective method but responsive code to the whole web site may be best for your organization depending on the situation.  If your web site is not designed to work well with mobile devices you may be missing out.

6)    Promote electronic giving with all your leadership teams so they can promote it within their circle of influence.  What do your leadership teams know about your electronic giving program?

7)    Do you promote the capability to give by mobile device?

8)    Is the eGive button on your social networking pages and blogs?

9)    Consider accepting credit/debit cards for giving.  Acceptance of cards will increase electronic giving.

10)  Do you use electronic giving so you can explain it to others?