Electronic Giving is Very Affordable and Easy to Launch

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Electronic Giving is very affordable.  By outsourcing the electronic giving process your church may offer this service at a fraction of what it would cost to do it on your own.  Most of the churches using the EGIVE system pay less than $50 per month.  Some pay more but they receive a large amount of gifts through the electronic giving channel.  How can we do it?  We leverage the cost of providing the service over 365 organizations which keeps the cost low.

You don’t have room in the church budget.  Not a problem.  Some churches have found a sponsor to cover the cost of their electronic giving service for the first two years to give them a chance to build up their electronic giving making is easier to get the cost approved in the regular budgeting process.  I believe that eventually every church will offer electronic giving.  It is just a matter of how many opportunities for electronic gifts are missed before the decision is made to offer this service.  Remember when not all banks offered online banking.  Now the majority of bank customers use their online banking systems.  The next thing in the digital evolution is giving using mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet PCs.  Make sure your electronic giving vendor is able to accept these types of gifts.  EGIVE has redesigned its online giving system to work beautifully with mobile devices.

EGIVE provides a turnkey electronic giving solution that is easy to use and easy for the church to launch.  No training is necessary.  The system is intuitive and easy to use.  Most churches are up and running after spending less than fifteen minutes to place the EGIVE button on their web site and customizing their secure online giving form.  When evaluating electronic giving solutions please check and make sure the system is easy for the church to setup and use.  It is also important to test out the system and make sure it is easy to give.  Ease of use is every bit as important as the cost of the service.

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