Church Stewardship Programs: Using Save Your Church Money is Great Stewardship

Online Seminary (DMIN)

One of the best Church Stewardship Programs is an easy one for your church to embrace!  You simply make sure your church is receiving the best value possible for every dollar that is spent.

Take for example the subject of church furnishings, such as church chairs, tables, or any other type of furniture used in your church facilities. Did you know there are actually companies that have positioned themselves to save your church money by passionately embracing principles that allow them to provide you such savings!  But unfortunately, there are also companies that will claim they will save your church dollars, but their reality is far from their claim.

So a key question is, how is it possible for one company to actually save your church money?  What steps are needed to achieve this wise stewardship goal?  Consider the following steps that Save Your Church Money practices in order to TRULY save your church money!

  • Save Your Church Money does not produce a printed catalog.  Now this certainly could be done.  But the cost of doing so, and the distribution of such catalogs, means that more would have to be charged for the furnishings and less dollars would be saved by the church!
  • Save Your Church Money does not pay for advertising.  Did you know that some companies spend 20%-25% of their budget to pay others to spread the word about how they can save you money?  And entities such as Google Adwords, and magazines, and bloggers, and others will gladly accept such payment and advertise their company.  But surely it is common sense that churches will then have to be charged more to cover such advertising expenses!
  • Save Your Church Money does not maintain a costly eCommerce platform.  Many companies choose to do so and place tens of thousands of products online so that one can click buttons and make purchases.  While certainly convenient at times, this is also very costly to continually develop, update and maintain.  And the bottom line is those costs have to be passed on to the customer!
  • Save Your Church Money avoids all brick and mortar.  Yes, a storefront or office building looks great in a photo, but once again they are obviously costly.  No storefront photo is worth the negative impact such expense can have on saving churches money.
  • Save Your Church Money does not have employees.  All of our ministry team members are pastors who help other churches
    while still serving in their own ministry, or stay-at-home moms who are able to spend some time each week assisting churches.

Hopefully the above bullet points (along with others we practice) demonstrate how Save Your Church Money is actually able to save churches money!  More importantly, please understand that saving churches money is not something we CLAIM to do; IT IS SOMETHING WE DO EVERY DAY!

We would love to do the same for your church.  Please be sure and contact us if you wish to practice good stewardship by saving your church money.