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Comfortek 7701x vs Advantage PCCF
Church Furniture
George Kreger

Advantage Church Chairs PCCF Series Versus Comfortek Seating Summit Series

Introduction: As I begin this review, it is important to share that our ministry provides both of the above chairs to churches across the USA.  As a result, this is not an article attempting to persuade you to purchase one chair over the other, because we sell one chair and not the other.  Rather, the purpose of this article is

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72069-DS1007 72069-DS1005 72069-DS1003
Church Seating

The Advantage of Church Chairs by a GENUINE Manufacturer

Did you know there are two main types of church chair manufacturers? The two terms I use to distinguish between them are “Genuine” and “Pretend”.  I will provide a delineation between these and also demonstrate the advantage of church chairs from a genuine manufacturer versus a pretend one. Genuine Manufacturer:  By a “Genuine” manufacturer, I mean the following: The manufacturer

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