The Advantage of Church Chairs by a GENUINE Manufacturer

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Did you know there are two main types of church chair manufacturers? The two terms I use to distinguish between them are “Genuine” and “Pretend”.  I will provide a delineation between these and also demonstrate the advantage of church chairs from a genuine manufacturer versus a pretend one.

Genuine Manufacturer:  By a “Genuine” manufacturer, I mean the following:

  1. The manufacturer owns the tooling, the molds, the design, etc., used to produce the chairs.
  2. The manufacturer provides a warranty on the chairs and are stands behind their product.
  3. The manufacturer can produce literally thousands of variations of their chairs in terms of fabric choices, frame finishes, accessories, options, etc.
  4. The manufacturer will be able to provide more of the same chair you purchase for years down the road.

Pretend Manufacturer:  By a “Pretend” manufacturer, I mean the following:

  1. They have very little to do with the production of the chairs.  Rather, an overseas factory simply places their “name” on the chairs they purchase to resell.
  2. They offer a warranty that may sound good at first glance, but most often contains a myriad of fine-print to protect them as a reseller since the overseas factory is generally not the carrier of the warranty.
  3. They have a limited number of fabrics and finishes and options and accessories as these will based on which overseas factory they are purchasing chairs from at the time.
  4. They often will have a very difficult time obtaining more of the same chairs you purchase from them down the road as their overseas factories/sources tend to change often based on price.

Over the years, Save Your Church Money has received literally hundreds of offers from overseas factories asking us if we would like to have a SYCM Chair.  The offers vary, but generally contain very low pricing on a series of church chairs, the condition that the factory will place whatever name on the chairs we would like, and the desire to have SYCM “pretend” to be involved in manufacturing church chairs!

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