Church Stewardship Programs: Using Save Your Church Money is Great Stewardship

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One of the best Church Stewardship Programs is an easy one for your church to embrace!  You simply make sure your church is receiving the best value possible for every dollar that is spent. Take for example the subject of church furnishings, such as church chairs, tables, or any other type of furniture used in your church facilities. Did you … Read More

Why Wait for a Sale on Church Chairs? Get the Lowest Price

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Perform a simple search for the term “Church Chairs” on the web and you will have millions of results returned!  For a church starting the journey of purchasing new church chairs this can immediately be a very intimidating discovery.  Then navigating through the all the sales tools designed to entice you to purchase the chairs of the website you are … Read More

Brick and Mortar Stores, E-commerce or the Best of Both?

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A recent article about the ongoing challenges that brick and mortar stores face in our day and the ever-increasing popularity of ecommerce websites was the impetus for these words.  The article implied that there are essentially two options, i.e brick and mortar stores and e-commerce websites, for consumers and institutions today.  We beg to differ.  We’ll first overview the above … Read More

CNPFL – STAR RX-SP4 Church Nursery Service Pager – Ratings & Reviews

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Bottom Line:  The Star RX-SP4 Church Nursery Service Pager for Nursery Pager Systems features high quality at a low price! Pros:  Very strong vibration setting, extended range even between buildings, anti-walk-off feature, very sturdy casing, small and unobtrusive, clip is protected by cradle, long battery life. Cons:  Like most pagers, the RX-SP4 only comes in black. The Star RX-SP4 Service … Read More

TX-7460 Freedom Transmitter Sale!

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At Church Nursery Pagers for Less we love the TX-7460 Freedom Transmitter!  When we extensively researched which church nursery paging system would absolutely be the best one and best value for our churches across the country, we quickly came to the unanimous conclusion that the TX-7460 Freedom was the only choice that made sense! Consider all of these options: 1 … Read More