Saving Dollars on Your Church Building Project (Part 2)

Save Your Church Money Blog

In Part 1 of this two-part series we focused on a number of strategies and unique practices Church Furniture Partner is committed to in order to save churches dollars on their Furnishings, Fixtures and Equipment.  We listed many of the costly practices we refuse to adopt because if we did adopt them, then our ability to save your church money would be mitigated.   We realize that we can go along with popular methodology and pass along those costs to churches, or we can choose to operate counter to popular methodology and have the end result be that churches like yours save money.  We choose the latter!

In Part 2, we want to zero in on the three most important steps to helping your church save money:

  • First, we find it very beneficial to have a conversation to understand the overall needs of your project for all of your different environments.  If a Furnishings, Fixtures and Equipment list is already being developed, that becomes a helpful component in this process.  We first want to understand your unique needs as a church and offer suggestions that will meet those needs, versus insisting that what we offer meets the needs of all churches.  There is no obligation or financial expense or consulting fee on the part of the church for this service.  We gladly come alongside even if no sale is going to take place!
  • Second, we put together a catalog packet for you from various furnishing manufacturers for your church and its different environments to consider. These catalogs will list all their products versus just a few products that we might pull into a catalog of our own. Please understand that because of our ministry model I shared about in Part 1, we do not hide who the manufacturer is from your church as we are not concerned about being price-shopped.  We have 210+ manufacturers we work with and have buying power with and have no problem declaring we will save your church money on their products.
  • Third, we provide you budget numbers and price quotes as selections are made for your different environments. Once you have those, you are then free to shop online to help reaffirm that Church Furniture Partner is indeed able to save your church money. The only thing we ask of you during this journey is that you do not share our pricing with other dealers who do not possess the ministry model we are committed to.

Why do we do this? As stated in Part 1, I was a Lead Pastor for almost four decades and during that time I led six different church building projects. About a decade ago we needed 1000 chairs and 100 tables and found the cost very significant. I found a way to save on those items and save New Hope Community Church many thousands of dollars. Essentially this led to colleagues asking me to help them in the same way and my starting a ministry called Save Your Church Money which specialized in saving churches dollars on church furnishings. Over time we added a division called Church Furniture Partner to our ministry so that churches would better understand that part of our focus. For a quick two minute video of our story you can look here:

The bottom line is if your church desires to save dollars on church furnishings, apples to apples, you have a no-risk opportunity to find out if you can really do so!  Just contact us and we will be glad to demonstrate for you, that YES, you can save money!