Church Furniture Pricing Comparisons Demonstate How You Can Save!

Church Chairs / Worship Seating

We live in a day where millions of websites and retailers boldly proclaim they have the lowest prices!  But common sense tells us that obviously cannot be the case!  Only one of these can really be the lowest!  When we began the Save Your Church Money Ministry a decade ago our goal was to be the lowest priced provider, apples to apples, on all church furnishings.  Our entire business model was developed with that goal first and foremost in mind.  And as our company grew, we then developed Church Furniture Partner as a Division of Save Your Church Money with that same laser-like focus!

We have discovered though that instead of TELLING churches we have the lowest prices, we prefer SHOWING churches the evidence that demonstrates we actually DO have the lowest prices.  One of the ways we do so is providing occasional price comparison tests such as this one that follows.  We simply chose three general items, a round folding table from Correll, a children’s chair from Virco, and a teaching lectern from Imperial Woodworking.  We then compared our pricing with that of other prominent online retailers.  Those results are listed below for your benefit.  All product pricing was gathered from websites though some shipping costs (all to an Ohio Zip Code to be consistent) required a phone call to obtain.  Please by all means check our facts out for yourself.  We simply want you to know that our ministry will save your church money!

  • Correll R60 60″ Round Folding Table:  The Correll R60 is a domestically produced blow mold table.  The R60 is very popular with churches as it is constructed very well, has profiled edges and solid colors, yet is very attractively priced.  At Church Furniture Partner, we have sold this table for years at the price of $156.99 and we still have it listed at that price.  We checked the pricing online for this table at Bizchair and at Schools In.  Bizchair had it listed for $186.99 each and Schools In had it listed for $199.95 each.  Each company had a similar shipping price for 12 Tables.  Here is the comparison:  From Church Furniture Partner the total for the 12 tables and shipping was $2,188.88.  From Bizchair your total for the same would be $2,541.89.  And from Schools In the total was $2,720.63.  Again, we encourage you to carry out the same test for yourself to be assured that you can save your church money from Church Furniture Partner!
  • Virco 9012 Stacking 12″ High Children’s Chair:  There have been some 48 million Virco 9000 Series Children’s Chairs sold in the USA over past decades.  The chair comes in five different sizes.  We chose the 12″ high version for this price check.  At Church Furniture Partner we have this chair listed for $22.75 each at a quantity of 100 chairs.  We checked the pricing for this chair at School Outlet and at Worthington Direct online.  School Outlet had it listed at $26.45 a chair and Worthington Direct had it listed for $29.95 a chair.  So we added the shipping costs for each of these three companies and here are the results.  From Church Furniture Partner the total for the 100 chairs and shipping was $2,735.00.  From School Outlet your total for the same would be $3,163.19.  And from Worthington Direct the total was $3,309.78.  The savings through the Church Furniture Partner Ministry are significant!
  • Imperial T-40 Lectern:  The Imperial Woodworking T-40 Lectern is available for quick shipment in several different stain finishes.  At Church Furniture Partner we have this lectern listed at $209.95.  We checked the online pricing of Church Chairs for Less and also Church Partner (not to be confused with Church FURNITURE Partner).  Church Chairs for Less had the T-40 listed for $239.99 and Church Partner was selling the T-40 for $248.95.  Again, we added in the shipping each site had listed and here are the results.  From Church Furniture Partner the total for one lectern and shipping was $240.15.  Church Chairs for Less came in at a price of $274.24.  And Church Partner had a total cost of $339.47!  Again, the savings available to your church is obvious!

The reality is we could demonstrate this same ability to save your church money on thousands of church furnishing items (church chairs, tables, cafe furniture, coat racks, stages, and on the list goes)!  But the decision to see for yourself is up to you.  Please consider contacting us for your next church furnishings purchase and discover these savings first-hand!