Review: Church Nursery Pagers and Paging Systems

Save Your Church Money Blog

There are several church nursery paging systems available to churches today.  But which one is the best value for churches?  At Save Your Church Money, we spent considerable time and resources investigating and researching the most prevalent church nursery pagers on the market.  And our clear conclusion is that for our own churches, we would choose the Parent Paging System by Long Range Systems (LRS).  Here is a quick rundown of our findings to support our recommendation.

  • This system provides the highest levels of Safety, Security and Serenity.
  • This system does not disturb others in your worship area like lighted displays do.
  • Pagers will emit a constant vibration so there is no more missing the solitary signal some systems utlilize.
  • We find this system VERY EASY to set up and use.
  • The system is constructed of Lexan which reduces damages and therefor replacement costs.
  • We love the anti-theft feature that is offered at no charge for these pagers.
  • Since this system uses UHF technology, there is significant strength of signal.
  • The rechargeable NiMH batteries will last as much as five years providing substantial savings over battery operated pagers.
  • And best of all, this is a very affordable system for any church budget.

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