Randy Alcorn and Save Your Church Money

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When we began Save Your Church Money about a decade ago, our desire was simply to save churches dollars on any and all church furnishings.  Our own church furniture purchasing experiences had demonstrated that significant dollars could be saved if a conduit from manufacturers to churches was willing to forgo most profits and pass along those savings to the church.  Based on that premise Save Your Church Money was born.  And early on it was evident that we were able to achieve our purpose.  As churches reached out to us, we saved them dollars almost every time.  It has been a tremendous blessing over the years to come alongside many great churches in this effort.  And now the Save Your Church Money Network saves churches dollars with a much broader range of products and services as we have grown.

But just as churches reached out to us to save dollars, a stampede of calls and contacts came from companies and individuals offering to advertise our company for a fee or to endorse our company for a percentage of our sales.  Literally we were amazed at how quickly these companies and individuals became aware of us, and also at how willing they were to endorse us without really knowing much about us, as long as they could financially gain.

We were reminded of this recently when we read these words of Randy Alcorn.  They expose a variety of disappointing trends within the evangelical community regarding money.  And one of those is the increasing number of “celebrities” willing to endorse an organization, book, speaker, product, etc. as long as a fee is paid to them.  Just recently a prominent Christian blogger with tens of thousands of “followers” offered to endorse Save Your Church Money as long as we would pay him a monthly fee.  It was evident his awareness of our company was nil, but he was still willing to do so if we paid his advertising rate!

Here are a couple of thoughts on this matter:

  • Since our goal is to save churches money, if we decide to pay fees to attract your church to us, that will in turn make it more difficult for us to save your church money.  In other words, paying for advertising is counter-productive to our purpose as a company.  So we choose NOT to do so!  We are comfortable allowing the news of what we do to spread by word-of-mouth and our website, not by payments to all those desiring to spread that word for us (for a fee)!
  • Secondly, it bears repeating there is not one cent that is ever exchanged between Save Your Church Money and any of our Premier Partners.  When you contact any of our Premier Partners through the Save Your Church Money Network, even if the contact results in a large sale for that partner, Save Your Church Money does not receive a single cent!  If we’re going to save churches money, this is one huge way for that to happen!  We want that money to stay with your church, not us!

Save Your Church Money still helps churches save on any and all church furnishings, just as when we started.  Our Premier Partner, Church Furniture Partner, is actually now a division of SYCM.  You can contact us here to allow us to assist your church.  And you might also want to read this article, to see the EVIDENCE of just how many dollars we can save your church on church furniture and furnishings!