Save on Toddler Tables w/ Built-in Seats from ToddlerTables.Net

Toddler Table w/ Seat

From the moment we first saw these adorable, colorful toddler tables we fell in love with them! These unique tables, with built-in toddler chairs, are perfect for any place toddlers eat, play, and pray.  Available with one, two, three, four, six, or eight seats – including “space saver” models – these toddler tables will fit in any environment and add … Read More

Save on the 8200/8201 Pulpit Furniture from Imperial Woodworks

In the area of church furniture, nothing is as beautiful as the simple elegance of quality woodworking. We’re excited to announce that our ministry is working with our friends at Imperial Woodworks to offer your church big savings on the 8200 pulpit chair.  This beautiful chair (pictured above) is perfect for seating your pastors, speakers, and pulpit-guests.  Intricately carved and … Read More

Portable Baptistries by Superior Fiberglass

Some environments make it difficult to live out the command to baptize disciples. Where I live in Northwest Ohio there are many factors that can contribute to that difficulty.  Cold winter months make it difficult to baptize outsides (year round) and limited space can make it impossible to find space for a dedicated baptistry.  These portable baptistries by Superior Fiberglass … Read More

Southern Aluminum Alulite Table (Rectangle) with Roman II Legs


Did you know that aluminum tables are lighter and stronger than their plastic counterpart?  For years we have been recommending Alulite folding tables from Southern Aluminum for their portability, durability, and strength.  Made from aircraft-grade aluminum it is no wonder these tables are tough and ready to be used at any event – indoors or outdoors! These ultralight and ultra-sturdy … Read More

Marque Church Welcome Centers from OFM on SALE

55290 55292 55293 55294 55296

Perhaps no item of furniture is more important for churches today desiring to grow, than a Church Welcome Center.  Unfortunately, the variety of options for churches on the market today is really quite limited.  The OFM Marque Series of Church Welcome Centers is one that IS available and provides a number of sizes to fit any church’s setting. Below we … Read More

OFM Plexi Marque Church Welcome Center Series on Sale

Church Welcome Centers are vital for churches to have in their facilities today, yet the number of viable options on the market that are readily available to churches is quite limited.  The OFM Plexi Marque Series of Church Welcome Centers though is both a great option and readily available. Below you are able to learn more about the Plexi Marque … Read More