Marque Church Welcome Centers from OFM on SALE

55290 55292 55293 55294 55296

Perhaps no item of furniture is more important for churches today desiring to grow, than a Church Welcome Center.  Unfortunately, the variety of options for churches on the market today is really quite limited.  The OFM Marque Series of Church Welcome Centers is one that IS available and provides a number of sizes to fit any church’s setting.

Below we provide information regarding the Marque Series of Church Welcome Centers.  However, if your research is already complete and your church has decided on one of these Welcome Centers, you can contact us here for a price quote that will save your church money.

Most churches in our country allocate space within their facility for a “Welcome Center”.  Once that space is allocated, there are two ways to accomplish filling it.  One is to “build” a Church Welcome Center” which we would describe as a custom solution.  This solution tends to provide a way for the church to maximize the allocated space and construct a solution that meets their specific needs as a church.  While many churches would prefer this solution, the cost of a “custom” solution tends to be several times more expensive than a quantity-produced product.  The second solution therefore is for a church to purchase a welcome center that is mass-produced, that will function well for their church, that will fit the decor of their church well, and will be very budget-friendly.  The OFM Marque Series of church welcome centers meets those criteria in an excellent manner!

The Marque Plexi Series includes five different models, each expanding on the size of the previous model:

  • The 55290 consists of a single section;
  • The 55292 has two section which creates a radius of 120 degrees;
  • The 55293 has three sections providing a 180 degrees of welcome center space;
  • The 55294 increases to four sections and covers 240 degrees;
  • And the 55296 has five sections (image above) which forms almost a full circular welcome center.

One great advantage of the Marque Church Welcome Center Series is that all models (other than the 55296) can be expanded as needed and as space allows.  As your church increases in size, so can your Church Welcome Center by obtaining additional sections and attaching them to your current sections.

The models we have listed above are ones we keep in stock in each size.  We also keep three different finishes of each model in stock with those finishes being mahogany, cherry and maple.  Beyond that, we can also provide a number of various storage solutions and accessories for any of the above models.  If you would like complete technical specifications and dimensions sent to you, please contact us and we can send those to you immediately.

And be sure and remember:  Save Your Church Money now includes FREE SHIPPING on each of these Church Welcome Centers for churches located in the contiguous 48 States!