OFM Plexi Marque Church Welcome Center Series on Sale

Church Welcome Centers are vital for churches to have in their facilities today, yet the number of viable options on the market that are readily available to churches is quite limited.  The OFM Plexi Marque Series of Church Welcome Centers though is both a great option and readily available.

Below you are able to learn more about the Plexi Marque Series.  However, if you have already decided on this line of welcome centers and simply need a low pricing quote for the welcome center of your choice, you can contact us here with no need to read beyond this point.

We find that the the majority of churches across the country will often dedicate an area for their “Welcome Center” and then custom build the welcome center into that area.  While this strategy almost always maximizes the space allotted and allows the church to construct something that works very well for them, the downside is that this avenue is always far more expensive than a mass-produced solution.  Churches on a budget need a welcome center that is attractive and functional, along with being affordable.  The OFM Plexi Marque Series fulfills those criteria very well!

The Marque Plexi Series includes five different models, each expanding on the size of the previous model:

  • The 55310 (shown in the image at the top of this article) is the single unit;
  • The 55312 is a double unit (creating a radius of 120 degrees);
  • The 55313 is a triple unit (a full 180 degrees of welcome center);
  • The 55314 has four sections (covering 240 degrees);
  • And the 55316 has five sections (which means it forms 5/6ths of a full circle).

A nice feature of the Marque Plexi Series is that any model (other than the 55316) can be added to as needed.  In other words, as your church grows and a larger welcome center is needed, it is easy to purchase additional sections and increase the overall size of your Welcome Center.

All of the above models are in stock and are stocked in three different finishes, those being maple, cherry and mahogany.  There are also a variety of storage solutions and accessories that can also be added to your unit of choice.  By contacting us, we can also provide full specifications and dimensions on any or all of these models.

And always remember:  Save Your Church Money provides FREE SHIPPING on any of the above models of the Marque Plexi Series Church Welcome Centers for the contiguous 48 States!