9308, 9310, 9354, 9360, 9361, 9364, 9368 Banquet Chair Sale!

NPS 9300

National Public Seating (NPS) produces seating that will last!  The 9300 Series of Banquet Chairs that NPS manufactures is a great example of a chair that possesses fine quality, while at the same time being a chair with great value!

You can read more about the 9300 Series Banquet Chair below.  If you are simply desiring the lowest pricing on these chairs, you can contact us here without reading further.

In our day, the internet is inundated with seating that is declared to possess quality, when in fact, much of this seating is what the industry actually refers to as “throwaway chairs.” In other words, as the chairs break, you simply throw them away!  There is really no meaningful warranty on these chairs once the fine print is examined.

Also in our day, there are chairs being produced that do possess significant quality, but many of them are only available for exorbitant prices.  In other words, the chairs will last very well, but the chairs are also very overpriced!

The need is for a banquet chair that combines QUALITY and VALUE!  And our decades of experience has resulted in us recommending National Public Seating banquet chairs as possessing both of these desired attributes!

When you couple the low overhead principles of Save Your Church Money with the already value prices of National Public Seating, the savings can be substantial.  For those not familiar with SYCM, we are committed to almost no overhead operational costs!  We have no brick and mortar costs, we choose not to pay for advertising, we don’t wish to be impeded from our mission by supporting a costly eCommerce site, and we are content to work with word-of-mouth referrals from our customers who experience the savings!  Perhaps most important to you though, we find it very easy to provide NPS Products for less money than one can purchase them anywhere else!

Now, when you hear the claim above, the natural response is to note that just about every website these days also claims to have the lowest prices!   But the proof is in the pudding!  Just perform the following test: (1) Request a few quotes from sites for the seating you wish to purchase;  (2) Request a quote from SYCM for the same seating and quantity; (3) Compare what you receive and our SYCM savings will be very evident!

A while back, a school requested a quote on 500 of the 9310 Panther Black Banquet Chair from NPS!  They had scoured the web and had obtained several quotes.  We provided them the quote they requested on the identical chair in the identical quantity.  They later shared with us we were $3.25 per chair less than any of their dozen other quotes!  We love such stories!

The 9300 Series of Banquet Chairs from NPS is stocked in many models.  There is the 9308-G Pleasant Burgundy and the 9308-SV Pleasant Burgundy.  There is  the 9310-G Panther Black and the 9310-SV Panther Black.  Perhaps the 9354-BT Midnight Blue would be your choice or the 9360-BT Ebony Black might work better for your environment.  Or the new 9361-BT Chocolatier could be a great choice.  The 9364-G Diamond Navy and the 9364-SV Diamond Navy are popular as well.  Please contact us for quotes on any or all of the models listed above.

Always remember:  National Public Seating manufactures the 9300 Series!  SYCM gets them for you for less!