8500, 8502, 8505, 8508, 8510 Stack Chair Clearance!

National Public Seating makes chairs that last!  NPS’s 8500 Series of High Density Stacking Sled-Base Chairs is BOTH a QUALITY Chair and a VALUE Chair!

Today more than ever there are many low-quality, even “junk” chairs being touted across the Internet by a wide range of importers!  At the same time though, there are chairs produced domestically that possess prices far exceeding their true value!  The obvious solution is to find a chair with both QUALITY and VALUE!  Our extensive experience has led us to recommend National Public Seating as this solution!

And by combining Save Your Church Money’s low overhead business practices with the chairs of NPS, the customer always saves.  Please understand, we passionately operate SYCM with almost zero overhead costs!  We resist any investment in brick and mortar for offices, we are passionately against paying for advertising, and we disavow maintaining and paying for an expensive eCommerce site as we are more than satisfied to rely on word-of-mouth referrals.  Most importantly, as our mission is to save our customers money, we find it amazingly simple to offer National Public Seating Products for less dollars than you can obtain them from anywhere else!

As you know though, it seems every website these days proclaims they have lowest prices!  However, it really is quite simple to see WHO DOES REALLY SELL FOR LESS!  Just follow this process:  (1) First, obtain several quotes online for the chairs you have decided upon;  (2) Second, contact SYCM for a quote on the same chair and quantity;  (3) Third, compare the quotes and see what you will save through SYCM!

Recently we had a customer looking for 300 of the 8510 High Density Sled Base Stack Chair from NPS!  They had obtained several quotes from across the web, heard about us from another source, and ended up saving over $4.00 per chair on the exact same order compared to their other quotes!  We love hearing such stories and they take place often.

The 8500 Series of stack chairs from NPS is available in several models:  There is the 8502 Gunmetal Chair, the 8505 Navy Blue Chair, the 8508 Wine Chair and the 8510 Black Chair.  Since these chairs have solid steel rod frames, they are vastly superior to similar looking chairs that utilize hollow frames!  You can contact us for a quote on any of the above models.

Please remember:  National Public Seating make these chairs!  But SYCM offers them to your for the least amount of dollars!