National Public Seating (NPS) 8700 Cafetorium Chair For LESS!

National Public Seating produces quality products at value prices!  Their Cafetorium Line of chairs demonstrates this!

Let’s face it:  There are a lot of inferior chairs being offered by importers these days when it comes to furnishings!  But also:  There are a lot of overpriced chairs being produced domestically!  The CHALLENGE is obtaining a QUALITY chair for a VALUE price!  Our experience is National Public Seating is one of the best at accomplishing this challenge!

And Save Your Church Money is the BEST at providing NPS Chairs for the lowest price!  Because we have committed to operating SYCM with almost no overhead, because we refuse to invest in any brick and mortar office complex, because we refuse to pay for advertising, because we avoid operating an elaborate and high-manpower eCommerce site, because we are pleased to have word-of-mouth referrals be our primary method of growth, and because we are passionate at having as our focus saving you dollars, we consistently find it very easy to provide National Public Seating Chair for less money than anyone else reasonably can!  Now, just about every website promises the lowest price!  So here is how to test if the above listed operating principles REALLY allow us to sell for less.  Here’s the test we encourage you to employ!

Let’s say you desire 300 of the Cafetorium Chair from National Public Seating.  It is very easy in our day for you to obtain several quotes online for these 300 chairs.  After you have them in hand, ask for a quote from us on the same Cafetorium Chair.   Don’t share with us any of your current quotes!  Just allow us to provide you an “apples to apples” quote and see how much you can actually save!

Recently Brad from Crossroads Church in Indiana called us regarding their need for 300 of the Cafetorium Chair.  They had seen the chairs in use at a local school, were convinced it was a great chair for their church, and Brad was simply price-shopping.  In this case, we gave Brad a price over the phone, and we could tell it immediately captured his attention.  But we also told Brad that since this was an order for 300 chairs, we would try to do even better.  The next day, we called Brad back and shared with him that we were able to decrease the price by another $2.00 per chair.  He told us we were already $5.00 a chair below their lowest quote, and that they were planning to move forward with the purchase through us regardless.  The fact that we saved them another $2.00 per chair when we did NOT need to do so in order for the sale to happen amazed him!  BUT, that is what we do!

The Cafetorium Chair is stocked in several different frame/finish combinations in models 8700-NB, 8704-10-04, 8710-11-10, 8721-01-21, and 8742-12-02.  You can contact us for a quote any any time on any of these models!

Remember:  National Public Seating manufactures the chairs!  Save Your Church Money provides them to you for the least cost!