Save Money on Virco 9000 Series Chairs with Our Step by Step Strategy!

Virco 9012 9014 9016 9018 Chair

The Virco 9000 Series of Classroom Chairs have long been a stalwart for schools, churches and many other institutions!  And by following our step by step strategy, your organization can now save substantial dollars when purchasing the 9000 Series!

As an example:  This past year a church in the Dallas, TX area contacted us as they were needing 180 of the Virco 9016 chair.  They had been pricing these chairs for a while and then had heard about what we are able to do.  We supplied them a quote per their request, the savings we provided grabbed their attention, and soon they purchased their Virco 9016 chairs from us.  We later asked them to share what their search for the best deal had uncovered.  Here was their note of response to us:

“So essentially we calculated the per chair price you quoted us (which included shipping costs) and compared that with our other quotes and online pricing.  SYCM is charging $33.29/per chair with shipping included and that actually is cheaper than some vendors are quoting without shipping!  Even the catalog/trusted vendor that our Facilities Director pointed us to was over $1000 more!  We saved over $1000.00 on the exact same chairs by purchasing from SYCM!  We are grateful to have found your organization!”

How is Save Your Church Money (and our sister organizations Save Your School Money and Save Your Business Money) able to provide such savings?  The explanation is a combination of the following factors:

  • Almost ZERO overhead in terms of operating cost as an organization;
  • No brick or mortar now or ever;
  • We don’t spend money advertising and instead rely on word-of-mouth referrals (plus our small website and blog);
  • No expensive eCommerce site to develop and maintain;
  • Sales volume that receives the best pricing from manufacturers;
  • A competitive desire to provide the same products well below the going rate.

Now, since almost every website out there will CLAIM to have the lowest prices, this would be confusing except that you DO have the ability to easily test who really does provide the lowest pricing!  Simply obtain quotes from a variety of online dealers and web sites, making sure each of them is an “apples to apples” quote, and also request the same quote from us.  We do not need to see any of your other quotes!  We only ask that you are respectful of the quote we provide you by keeping it within your organization.

The easiest part then is simply comparing the bottom line/total cost on the quotes you receive!  Our experience causes us to believe who that will in fact be!

So, if you have need of any of the Virco 9000 Series Chair, the Virco 9012 Chair, the Virco 9014 Chair, the Virco 9016 Chair or the Virco 9018 Chair, and you are interested in the best price for your organization, then feel free to contact us.

You see, Virco produces a great product in the 9000 Series Chair.  Save Your Church Money will then save you dollars when you purchase the 9000 Series!