How to Save Dollars on Southern Aluminum Tables!

We at Save Your Church Money have long appreciated and shared with many the great quality of Southern Aluminum Tables!

With this level of quality though, also comes a product price that can give those considering Southern Aluminum Tables reason to pause.  Yes, the tables will hold up forever and be a great investment as you will possess the most attractive and sturdy tables manufactured.  But that initial investment financially can still be more than an organization might want to spend.

This is where Save Your Church Money is able to bridge that gap between quality and price for your organization.  Since we operate without any overhead, have no brick and mortar, resist any and all paid advertising, choose not to have an extensive and labor-intensive eCommerce site,  rely on word of mouth referrals as well as our simple website/blog, and possess as our primary goal saving you money, we can provide Southern Aluminum Tables for less than anyone in the country.

Here is how to test us!  Determine which Southern Aluminum Tables you need.  Obtain quotes from a variety of online websites and dealers.  THEN, give us the same list of items and allow us to provide you a quote on the same potential order.  Our ongoing experience says that you’ll be like almost every other customer we work with:  PLEASANTLY SURPRISED!

So, if you truly want to save dollars on Southern Aluminum Tables, whether Alulite, Swirl, Knockdown or IDesign, we will help you do so.  It may not be as convenient as clicking on the some buttons on your computer screen, but the savings will be worth it!

And remember, Southern Aluminum Tables are created from aircraft grade aluminum that is 20% lighter than tables made of other materials that are commonly advertised as “lightweight”.  Aluminum is very durable and besides it amazing strength, will not crack or warp, regardless of the event.  This is why these tables come with a lifetime warranty.  And table trucks are available to provide additional protective stacking and storage.

Southern Aluminum Tables are also available in dozens of sizes and shapes.  For example there are over a dozen different rectangle sizes.  Add to that a variety of round sizes, and crescent sizes, and serpentine sizes, and pedestal tables, etc., and it’s easy to see why there is a Southern Aluminum Table for every application. In addition there is a wide variety of finishes such as Matte Silver, Walnut, Desert Tan, Salt and Pepper, Mahogany as well as numerous swirl finishes and even laminate!

Southern Aluminum produces the tables!  Save Your Church Money saves you dollars when purchasing them!