Whitney Brothers Early Learning Furniture Discounted

Rocking Chair From Whitney Brothers

Save Your Church Money loves the quality of Whitney Brothers Furniture!

Generations of children have literally grown up utilizing educational toys and furniture made by Whitney Brothers.  Almost of Whitney Brothers’ products are quality crafted in America!  Their wood furniture is guaranteed to deliver many, many years of appreciated performance whether used within your school, your childcare center, or your home.  And Save Your Church Money is poised to help your organization save dollars on all your purchases of Whitney Brothers’ Furniture!

How can we do this?  First of all, we operate with a very low overhead as a ministry.  Secondly, we simply do not pay for others (advertise, adwords, marketing, etc.) to tell you about us and instead rely on word of mouth and return customers.  Third, we have no brick and mortar to maintain.  And last, we do not have a huge investment in eCommerce, which while convenient at times, in the end does cost you more!

So do you want to save on Whitney Brothers’ Products?  Simply determine what products you are desiring, shop various online merchants and get your best total price including shipping, and then contact us for a quote, apples to apples, on the same list.  Our experience says you will join a large list of customers who have been amazed at how our approach has saved them dollars!

That’s how simple it is!  The real question is always whether you really want to save money on your furniture purchases!