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Chairs4 Worship Essentia Church Chair – Ratings & Reviews

Essentia Worship Chair

The Essentia Church Chair from Chairs4Worship

Bottom Line:  The Essentia Church Chair from Chairs4Worship is an entry-level church chair featuring good quality though not a lot of comfort features.

Pros:  Value-priced, customization available, solid warranty, ships fully assembled, hideaway ganging device, and stocked in a small number of fabrics.

Cons:  More expensive than most entry-level church chairs on the market, under-sized for larger people.

The Essentia Church Chair from Chairs4Worship is their entry-level chair for the worship market.  It is a solid chair, though its overall footprint seems smaller than is most commonly desired by churches.  The Essentia is kept stocked in their warehouse in a few fabric choices and for churches located in Northern Texas, this can create the potential of picking up their chairs and saving on shipping costs.  Custom orders will take about ten weeks as this chair is produced overseas.  The Essentia does feature a “hideaway” ganging/connecting system that allows for a significant radius to be achieved when these chairs are set up.  Please note though since these are moving parts, there is always more opportunity for breakage over time.

Entry-Level Church Chairs are available from most manufacturers.  The Essentia is a solid member of that group and for churches able to pick up their church chairs at the warehouse, it is quite competitively priced.  For churches located elsewhere, there may be better values available.

Our rating for the Chairs4Worship Essentia Church Chair:  3.5 out of 5

If you have experience with the Essentia church chair from Chairs4Worship, then please take a few seconds to rate it above.  You may also leave your comments on the chair in the comment section below.  Your input will help other churches make the right choice when it comes to buying worship seating.


  1. I’m locking for 50-pieces your Chairs4 Worship Essentia Church
    purchase lower prices because we start new Church but no have money
    need to know your location for pickup at near me. FROM SANDIEGO CA
    and your best lower prices
    Thanks God bless You.

  2. Good afternoon,
    I need Informations about chairs for worship, Dividers and table for kids

  3. We bought these chairs for our Cowboy Church here in central Texas from “” and Mr. Kreger is the most amazing guy you will ever do business with. He is truly doing this to help churches save money being good stewards of Gods money. from our experience these chairs are a 5 stars out of 5 stars. they look amazing the color is great, we bought maroon. And they are very comfortable with great back support and built extremely well. I suggest you add the rack under each one they come in handy. After buying these chairs our church has tripled in size because folks have a comfortable place now. I have had zero complaints and only compliments on the chairs and have had other Pastors request Mr. Kregers information with a desire to purchase chairs for their churches. So don’t hesitate if you are concerned about their construction or appeal they are GREAT chairs. And this owner (Mr. Kreger) is Servant that you can trust.

  4. Need 100 unid of chairs and we need best prices for delivery in Hartford CT

  5. Will never recommend anyone to this company we ordered 120 Chairs for our church in early January didn’t receive them until mid May a few Chairs that was sent were damaged and we let them no the day we received them it’s now August and we still don’t have the replacement ! I’ve never Dealt with a company that Caters to churches and treats there customers like this company has done to our church ! I’ll will let any other church know what kind of treatment they will receive if they ever order from this company! At the time we had been looking at 3 other companies to buy chairs from and this company was some what higher but yet we Chosen this company wish we would of never contact them !

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