Online Church Management Saves Dollars and Makes Sense

Church Management Software Blog Post

I’ve been a pastor for over 25 years, and I’ve used a ton of different church management software systems (CMS or ChMS). Several years ago our church began using Churchteams as our ChMS, and I feel that it’s the best ChMS product on the market. This bold claim comes not only from my own experience but from the many experiences I’ve heard about from my clients?

You may be wondering, “What clients?” Not only am I a pastor, but I also do consulting work for churches all over the country. I’ve worked with churches from Hawaii to Pennsylvania and from Oregon to Florida. In my travels I’ve encountered many different church management software products and I’ve learned a lot about them. What I’ve noticed most often is that while ChMS products work for their clients they don’t always work well, or they are just plain hard to use. So my purpose in writing to you today is to share three reasons that you should consider using Churchteams over their competitors.

1) IT’S EASY TO USE – This is my first reason because it’s really the most important. I’ve heard from too many of my clients that they don’t like using their ChMS. Here’s what I usually hear:

* “It’s hard to use.”

* “It’s not intuitive.”

* “It’s way too complicated.”

* “There are entirely too many steps to accomplish even simple tasks.”

* “It’s exhausting because I can’t figure out how to work it.”

* “It seemed like a good product when the salesperson showed it to me, but now that I’m using it, I hate it!”

* “I’m stuck using it because we had to sign a long-term contract.”

I always tell these poor frustrated souls about Churchteams. Why? Because it’s simple to understand and use. It doesn’t take long to get the hang of using the software so very little training is necessary. But if you need or want training, it’s readily available. The company has video tutorials online as well as weekly webinars. Best of all their customer service is amazing. If you have a question and you call for help, you get a person. Churchteams has mastered keeping humanity in their technology company.

Here’s another thought to consider: products that are hard to use, don’t get used much, but products that are simple to use get used often. No matter how useful a ChMS product may be, if it’s not simple it will get brushed aside. What a terrible waste of money.

2) WIDE RANGING FEATURES – Churchteams has features that will be used in every area of your church. From online giving, donor reporting, Bible studies, small groups, attendance, assimilation, kid’s check-in, volunteer check-in, online directories, to event registrations; Churchteams really is a full-service ChMS! But Churchteams isn’t slowing down. Their list of features is always growing and changing based on customer feedback.

The most amazing thing about the expanding number of features within the Churchteams software is the fact that the price doesn’t correspondingly expand. Whenever there is a new upgrade, all clients automatically get it at no additional cost. All enhancements are passed along to every client regardless of church size.

3) IT’S VERY AFFORDABLE– I’m utterly shocked at the sticker price of many church management products. I once worked at a church who paid $60,000 per year for their ChMS. PER YEAR!! In Oklahoma, where I live, we have a word for that: INSANE! Churchteams launched in the year 2000 with the goal of being accessible to every church no matter how big or small. So they have a reasonable price scale based on church size and there are never any hidden fees. Whether your church is small or gigantic, you’ll be amazed at the affordability of Churchteams. Here’s another great fact to note: regardless of church size, all clients have all the features of the product.

I encourage you to investigate Churchteams on your own.  See if their ChMS solution is right for you.  I think it’s probably the software you’ve been looking for!