Online Giving for Your Church without Egregious Fees

Online giving is no longer a trend, it is quickly becoming the new normal among churches. Many churches receive 50% or more of their giving through electronic giving. Also most churches that make the shift from traditional giving to online giving see a financial increase of 10-20%. In spite of this there are still some who are reluctant regarding online giving. They are reluctant because they’ve believed myths about online giving that we at Chruchteams intend to debunk.

MYTH 1: Online giving isn’t secure.

With the church management system (CMS or ChMS) by Churchteams, all transactions are encrypted and completely secure. Contributors login using redundant identity confirmation and they create a password unique to them. Churchteams employs the highest security insuring that your online giving transactions and information are safe.

MYTH 2: Online giving causes my parishioners to acquire more debt.

Churchteams partners with Ardent giving solutions as our exclusive processor because of their years of experience in the payment processing industry, their approach to pricing and their commitment to bringing the best possible value to churches. Furthermore, Ardent was the first company to offer the debit only option the market. This gives churches the power to reinforce principles of debt management. Also, since there are no rewards points associated with debit cards, a larger percentage of the offering goes to the church.

MYTH 3: Online giving is more expensive for the church.

The primary reason we chose to partner with Ardent is that they were founded to give churches wholesale pricing like large retailers get. Ardent qualifies each online contribution for the best available rate. As such, more money goes to the church rather than the processing company or the donor management software. Churches changing from other systems typically save 20% on fees over other service providers. With Churchteams and Ardent there are no setup fees, no long term contracts, and no fees to end the service. All of our pricing is listed on our website so no client is ever surprised by hidden fees or expenses.

Without a doubt, online giving is the best way for churches to receive donations in this technology-centric world. Churchteams and Ardent make online giving easy, affordable and enjoyable.