“Church Furniture Partner” & “Church Partner” – They are Different

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The most obvious difference between Church Furniture Partner and Church Partner is the price you will pay for church furniture.  But before we demonstrate that reality for you in this article, there are some other differences these two companies have certainly.

Church Furniture Partner is headquartered in Ohio, while Church Partner is headquartered in Colorado.  Church Furniture Partner, as you might expect, specializes in church furnishings with hundreds of furnishing manufacturers at all levels a church might need.  Church Partner, on the other hand, sells books and Bibles, and coffee, and Sunday School material, along with a selection of basic church furnishings.  Church Furniture Partner chooses not to provide an eCommerce interface on their website and instead interacts personally with all churches.  Church Partner does provide a significant eCommerce which allows churches to purchase online.  But as mentioned earlier, in regard to church furnishings, the prices that Church Furniture Partner offers church furnishings for, are very different from those that Church Partner offers.  Simply stated, they are significantly and consistently much lower.

Of course, statements such as the above are easy to make, but often more difficult to demonstrate.  But with each company utilizing websites, there is a plethora of easily identifiable products where this statement can be verified.  Here are some examples we noted on 4/4/2015:

  • The Comfortek SS-7701 is a very popular and quality church chair.  For 200 chairs, Church Partner offers the SS-7701 for $39.95 a chair on their website.  Church Furniture Partner offers the same chair, the SS-7701 from Comfortek Seating, for $34.90 a chair.  In addition, the shipping calculator at Church Partner for these same 200 chairs to Zip Code 43506 arrives at $2,276.12 of shipping charges.  Church Furniture Partner would charge $600.00 for the same shipping services.  Please understand that the 200 chairs would come out of the same warehouse, on the same shipping service, but the overall cost of a church for these 200 chairs from Church Partner would be $10,266.12!  Church Furniture Partner would charge a total of $7580.00 for the same 200 chairs and shipping services.  Most churches would love to save that $2,686.12 difference and use it for other ministry purposes.
  • Need a SW-22 Chair Truck from Comfortek to go with your church chairs above?  Church Partner has one available for $149.95 on their site.  Church Furniture Partner provides the same Chair Truck for $90.00.
  • Maybe your church needs a folding coat rack that can be stored efficiently during warm weather but hold lots of coats during the cold weather months.  The Magnuson Mega-Rak 801H is a great choice for this need.  Church Partner has this coat rack available to your church for $1,016.95 with their shipping calculator adding $172.88 to ship the coat rack to Zip Code 43506.  Church Furniture Partner has the exact same coat rack listed on their site for $839.00 and shipping comes to $129.99 to the same location.  That’s a savings of $220.84 for a church understanding the difference between Church Furniture Partner and Church Partner.
  • The TSP-620 Pulpit from Imperial Woodworking is an elegant pulpit.  Church Partner lists this pulpit on their site for $2,460.95 and then adds $677.99 for shipping costs to Zip Code 43506.  Church Furniture Partner has the same pulpit listed for $1814.17 and their shipping is less as well, coming in at $439.00.  That means a savings of $885.77 for a church that makes sure to compare pricing.
  • Does your church need some 32″ high carpeted stage sections?  The National Public Seating 4′ x 8′ S4832C is available from Church Partner for $528.95 per section.  Church Furniture Partner will provide the the same stage sections for $459.00 each.  We would need the total number of stage sections being purchased for an accurate shipping quote from each company but who would you guess will ship these for less dollars?

This listing could go on for several pages.  But perhaps the best advice for your church would be to test this out for themselves.  Always be sure to contact Church Furniture Partner for an “apples to apples” quote.  Our guess is the savings your church will realize can be used in many other areas of your church!

Please understand that the ministry model of Church Furniture Partner means that we offer a great price from the beginning to your church.  This principle applies for all churches, whether small or large.  Some companies will promise to match the best price you find elsewhere on the same furnishing products.  Of course, if they have charged a premium on their previous ten orders, they can lower their price easily on one order.

At Church Furniture Partner, our ministry model means your church does not have to work to get our best price!  You are offered it to begin with!  Please feel free to contact us anytime for all your church furnishing needs!