Your Church Furniture Order Shipping and Delivery

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Here is a scenario for a church furniture sale.

You have placed an order for some church furnishings from Church Furniture Partner.  We have very much enjoyed working with you and you with us.  The next step in the process is that your order will be shipped to you.  Because the shipping of your order introduces a third party into our relationship (the transit company) we like to take this special extra effort to assist this part of the experience to go just as well.

Shipping of church furnishings generally happen in three distinct methods:

  1. The items are small enough to be shipped via UPS for Fed Ex or other delivery companies of this sort.
  2. The items are large enough they must go Common Carrier, but not so numerous they require a entire truck.
  3. The items are numerous in quantity that a “dedicated” truck is scheduled directly from the factory to your church.

Your order falls under #2 of the above ways in which products ship.  What follows are some important steps for you to carry out when your product arrives to you:

  • As you unload your church furnishings order, look over the order closely.  You should look for any potential damage by examining all packages and cartons.  When any of these show evidence or raise some suspicion that there may be damage to your order, you have the right to open and inspect while the truck driver waits.  It is very important for you to do more than just RECEIVE your order, rather you should INSPECT your order.
  • After your inspection, if any item is clearly damaged or missing, or even if you suspect that an item is damaged or missing, it is very important that you indicate that on the delivery receipt you will be asked to sign.  Write clearly on this delivery receipt any and all issues before signing it.  The delivery receipt by default indicates the order was received in good condition.  When you sign the delivery receipt without listing any issues, you are verifying your order was received in good condition.  Also, you are verifying all quantities received with your signature, so it is equally important you count your order well making sure all items listed on the delivery receipt have in fact arrived.
  • After the truck has departed, please keep a copy of your delivery receipt.  If you have experienced any damaged or missing product issues, please then contact us as soon as possible by sending us an electronic description of whatever issues you have experienced, and also sending us digital images/pictures that clearly show the issues you are describing.  This allows us to begin the resolution process quickly on your behalf.

We do hope that no issues will develop during the transit of your order from Church Furniture Partner.  But by following the above steps, the resolution of any issues that do develop will be far easier to achieve.