Manage Your Church Database Online and “PC-Free”

Church Management Software Blog Post

Since it began in 2000, Churchteams has grown from a management system focused solely on small groups into a full-spectrum Church Management System (ChMS or CMS).  To better understand this transformation, here are a few of the ways Churchteams has evolved over the years in making church database management user friendly.

Web-Based Functionality That Is Universal – Churchteams ChMS is accessible anytime and anywhere from any internet-ready device. From the beginning, Churchteams has been hosted online “in the cloud”. In fact, we were operating “in the cloud” more than a decade before it even became trendy.

Responsive Design That Is Portable – Another way we’ve remained on the cutting edge of church management system development is becoming the first ChMS to use responsive design. Responsive design is a web design approach that provides the best possible viewing experience across a wide range of devices including computers, tablets and smart phones. No matter what you use access the database, you will always have the same superior user experience.

Search Tool That Is Practical – You might think a search tool is a requirement for all websites, but that’s not always the case. I was shocked recently to find an online retailer that didn’t have a search tool. As a result, it was almost impossible to find what I was looking for. It’s also surprising how many websites and web-based products also don’t have a simple search tool, but Churchteams does. Their search feature provides easy navigation through your church’s entire database from any device.

Navigation That Is Simple – The easy-to-use navigation bar in Churchteams ensures that everything you need for church database management is just a few clicks away.

Webinars That Are Free – Churchteams offers ongoing opportunities to train your staff and volunteers in knowing how best to use the system. More importantly, all webinars are free.

Service That Is Excellent – Churchteams President Boyd Pelley often says, “Service is what we do. Software is how we do it.” Consequently, service is in the DNA of our company. Our goal is to provide the best, hands-on personal service in the industry. “Ministry First” is one of the primary core values that drives and shapes what we do.

Database That Is Self-Updating – With just a few clicks, you can send an email to all of your church members asking them to review and update their information in your database. Then, with the click of just a button, church members can begin updating their personal information. This process keeps your database accurate without burdening staff or volunteers.

Website Integration That Is Easy – It’s easy to make Churchteams a natural part of your church website. When you integrate Churchteams into your website, visitors will have immediate access to such features as searching for small groups and registering for upcoming events. Having these features embedded directly into your own site is a very beneficial asset.

Check-In That Is Mobile – Churchteams’ kids and volunteer check-in feature is one of the best in the industry. Not only is it easy to use, but it also allows for the use of mobile devices and tablets. Churchteams is one of the first ChMS companies to integrate tablets for check-in. By automating check-ins using our system, your database attendance records will be the most accurate they’ve ever been and easy to maintain.

These are just a few of the ways our church management system improves your data management experience. If you’d like more information or have questions about these features and more, please contact Churchteams.