McDonald’s, Five Guys and Church Chairs

Church Chairs / Worship Seating


“I’d like a GOOD hamburger!”

When my wife makes that statement, I know that she’s not telling me she wants a hamburger from McDonald’s.  Instead I know she would like a hamburger from an establishment such as Five Guys.  As a result I may look on my smart phone for a Five Guys or a Smash Burger or some other popular restaurant that is known for its great hamburgers.  But the reality is, I clearly understand what is meant when she uses the term “GOOD hamburger”.

There are those times though when we are traveling that we need something to eat, do not have much time to spare, and she will say, “I am fine with a hamburger!” When she makes that statement, I know that a McDonald’s hamburger will be acceptable given our particular circumstances and the time pressure we’re under.

The underlying point here is that we all understand there’s a huge difference between a McDonald’s hamburger and a Five Guys Hamburger. When we stop at a McDonald’s, we do not expect to receive a hamburger that possesses the quality of a Five Guys hamburger. And likewise, when we walk into a Five Guys, we are in no way anticipating that the hamburger we order will remind us of one we might eat at McDonald’s. We have all had enough hamburger experiences that we totally understand the difference between these two levels of hamburgers.

Now, at Church Furniture Partner, we have a many churches contact us and share their need for church chairs.  But because their experience with church chairs in no way rivals their extensive experience with hamburgers, we find that it is so very easy for them to assume that all church chairs are very similar to each other.  Nothing though could be further from the truth!  There are McDonald’s level church chairs and there are Five Guys level church chairs! And if you desire a GOOD Church Chair that will last your church 20 years, carry a chair warranty that is truly honored, provide a high degree of comfort for your attendees, and add a sharp appearance to your church environment, then it is important that you purchase a GOOD Church Chair.

At Church Furniture Partner we help churches across the country save dollars on all their church furnishing needs. We have available at savings to churches almost every church chair on the market today from a variety of church chair manufacturers and importers. We are fully aware which church chairs are more of a McDonald’s quality and which ones are more of a Five Guys quality and we’ll openly and candidly share that knowledge with your church. Please feel free to contact us and our ministry will come alongside your church with both product knowledge and financial savings. You will be glad you did!