Church Chair and Worship Seating Sales and Promos

Church Chairs / Worship Seating

Will there be any spectacular church chair sales at the very end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015?  We are watching closely for news on this and have been making that very inquiry to church chair suppliers such as Comfortek Seating, Chairs 4 Worship, Bertolini Sanctuary Seating, Chairtex, Chancellor Seating, Uniflex,etc.  Here’s what we can tell you!

  • For the last few years, after the huge Christmas rush was over, many churches have benefited as church chair manufacturers and distributors have taken steps to decrease their worship seating inventory levels.  Some years the savings have been just an extra dollar off a chair or so.  One year, one major manufacturer offered essentially four dollars off each chair for a period of about four weeks.  We saw hundreds of churches benefit when that took place.
  • Church chair manufacturers and distributors are of course very guarded with their information ab0ut upcoming church chair promos.  If dealers and churches know there is a significant sale or discount coming in the near future, they will be very likely to hold off on their church chair purchase until the sale or discount begins.  So while our inquiries have resulted in some very promising information surfacing, there has been nothing officially announced by any church chair manufacturers to this point.
  • Once a church chair special promotional, sale or discount is announced, we will let you know right away at Save Your Church Money.  What you should also know is that just because a church chair manufacturer or distributor provides extra discounting to their dealer network or sales teams, that does not mean that your church will benefit.  Some dealers or salespeople will share the promotional news with you and pass on the savings, while others will simply continue with business as usual and see this as an opportunity to make more money for themselves.  Church Furniture Partner is one that will pass on every dollar of additional savings to churches and we highly recommend them.
  • Normally church chair special sales will be focused on church chairs that have already been produced and are being warehoused.  However, there have been years where ALL church chairs, even custom and production orders, were included in some of the special offers.  When the offer has been that broad, many more churches have been able to benefit of course.

So keep checking back and we will let you know as soon as any church chair special sales are announced.  Please know that all offers will have defined time periods so being ready to move forward as a church can be very important.  And if you would like, feel free to contact us for the latest information on church chair savings that could benefit your church.