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American Seating Acton Stacker

Acton Stacker Chair Series

Bottom Line:  The Acton Stacker Series of sled-based chairs from American Seating continues to provide a timeless look, a comfortable profile, and a great seating solution even decades after its initial introduction.

Pros:  Reinforced tubular frame for amazing strength and stability yet very lightweight, stores very efficiently, extended comfort cycle, wide range of configuration possibilities, hundreds of assorted frame finishes, poly choices and fabric combinations, produced domestically, free shipping on most orders.

Cons:  Chairs are not stocked in any quantity and require a three to four week production lead time.

The Acton Stacker Series of Chairs from American Seating have long been a great quality seating solution.  I personally remember attending a conference more than 30 years ago and sitting on these chairs (though I did not know their origin at the time) and loving them.  They were configured with a sharp frame finish, fully upholstered, had added arm-caps, provided chair interconnecting, and even though I sat in this chair for over eight hours, I was very comfortable.  Later the chairs were removed as the room was reset and the minimal amount of space needed for efficient storage really caught my attention.  The Acton Stacker Armless Non-Upholstered Model (the AC0220) and and the Armed Model (the AC0020) are probably the most popular configurations, but another two dozen models are available to perfectly fit your environment.  We still find the Acton Stacker Chair one to be considered for most applications.

Our rating for the American Seating Acton Stacker Series Chair:  4.8 out of 5

If you have experience with the Acton Stacker Series of Chairs from American Seating then please take a few seconds to rate it above.  You may also leave your comments on the chair in the comment section below.  Your input will help other churches make the right choice when it comes to buying quality sled-based chairs.