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4-Seat Toddler Tables

4-Seat Toddler Table in Light Oak w/ Yellow Seats

Our Toddler Tables have long featured six different table top color options for churches, day cares, preschools and even private residences.  Those six different table top choices are solid blue, solid yellow, solid red, lite oak, fusion maple and gray nebula.  When you as a toddler table purchaser chooses your table top color you also choose a seat color from among three choices, red, blue and yellow.  The tables are then finished off with a black edge molding around the table top and matching black legs.

Some customers though have requested a table top edge molding that will match their seat choice.  As a result, we can now outfit your Toddler Table with three additional table top edge molding colors beyond our standard black.  Those three additional choices are red, yellow and blue.

For example, yesterday a day care in New Jersey purchased a Toddler Table.  They chose the gray nebula table top and then chose red seats to be inserted into the table top.  However, instead of utilizing black for their table top molding, they asked us for red.  The red molding matches the seat color almost perfectly and provides a very sharp accent look for their new Toddler Table.

We have worked through the various customized options and have these suggestions and/or recommendations for you.  First, if you are choosing a blue table top, a red table top or a yellow table top, we believe the black table top edge molding likely is your best choice.  However, if you are choosing a fusion maple table top, a lite oak table top, or a gray nebula table top, the choice of an edge molding that is identical to your choice of seat inserts definitely adds a touch of sharpness to your Toddler Table.

Some additional great news for customers is that at Toddler Tables Net there is no additional cost for this upgraded table top edge molding.  Your organization can purchase your Toddler Table with your upgraded table top edge molding and it will not cost you any more money than if you had chosen the standard black table top edge molding.

We would love to assist your organization with your next Toddler Table purchase.  Not only do we have the largest selection, but we have the lowest prices in the country.  You may order through our website at Toddler Tables Net or contact us for your best price and your custom Toddler Table.