Church Chair Book Pouches versus Book Racks

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Hanging Book Rack for Church Chairs

Hanging Book Rack for Church Chairs

We are often asked for counsel about church chair book pouches which can be placed on the back of church chairs, so much so that putting some of those thoughts down in this article seems beneficial.  So here are some points for consideration if your church is considering book pouches on your new church chairs.

  • Please understand that there is a difference between fabric card pockets and fabric book pouches.  Fabric card pockets are sewn on the back of church chairs during production and are designed to hold various forms or literature.  Some fabric card pockets may be 4″ wide by 5″ deep and be designed to hold church offering envelopes or welcome cards.  Other fabric card pockets may span the width of the back of the church chair and hold much larger pieces of literature.  However, fabric card pockets cannot hold books such as hymnals or Bibles no matter how wide they are because they are NOT elasticized.  Church chair book pouches ARE elasticized which allows the space needed for a book to be placed in the “pouch”.
  • Church chair book pouches can be manufactured with your church chairs as a part of your order.  When this happens, the book pouch is sewn into the construction of the church chair.  This means that the book pouch looks very much like a part of the chair and that it was planned to be a part.  There are also though church chair book pouch versions that can be installed after you have your church chairs.  In these cases, the attachment process of the book pouch to the church chair will require some hardware and it will be more evident the church chair book pouch was added after the purchase.
  • When deciding between church chair book racks and church chair book pouches there are some key distinctions to be aware of.  First the book pouches will cost more.  They tend to run 50% to 100% more than book racks.  Second the book pouches will not have an integrated communion cup holder as most church chair book racks do.  And third, church chair book pouches tend to require more maintenance as they are often used for the placement of waste by church attendees.

At Church Furniture Partner, we find today that more than 90% of churches today prefer a church chair book rack over a church chair book pouch.  If your church is considering new church chairs, we would love to walk alongside you on issues such as the above and many other considerations.  Please feel free to contact us to start the process together!