Sample Church Chairs Demonstrate Their Importance Once Again!

Church Chairs / Worship Seating

“Our sample church chairs have arrived in perfect condition. Thank you so much for recommending that we see them SIDE-BY-SIDE! The board members will be checking them out in the next few days and we will make a decision at that time.”

Jubilee Chair from Comfortek

Get a Sample Church Chair

We began working with the church who wrote the above words to us about three weeks ago.  They were looking at a variety of church chairs online and contacted us at some point during that process.  They were not needing a great number of chairs and also informed us they had a very limited budget for their church chair project.  We enjoyed our time on the phone discussing various church chair options, and then followed up that conversation by providing various materials, links, articles, etc.

We gave this church one critical piece of advice though that we have given over and over to churches over years:  Before you purchase any church chairs in quantity, OBTAIN A SAMPLE CHURCH CHAIR!  And if you are considering multiple church chairs, then obtain multiple sample church chairs so you can place them side-by-side and actually see the vast levels of quality in church chairs that are being marketed on the Internet today!

It has always fascinated us how easy it is for churches to assume that all church chairs are basically the same when in other areas there is a total understanding that there are vast quality levels that exist in products.  For example, a person looking at three automobile advertisements on the Internet such as one for a Cadillac Escalade, another for a Toyota Camry, and a third for a Yugo, would immediately recognize these are three greatly different automobiles in features, quality, cost, etc.  They would then decide which level of automobile they were going to purchase, but the trade-offs would be very evident as that choice was being made.

With church chairs, the ability to adequately consider and determine which trade-offs are acceptable can really only be totally provided through obtaining sample church chairs.  Yes, research can be helpful.  Talking to references can add to the process.  But there is NO SUBSTITUTE to having actual sample church chairs in the same room with the decision-makers.

At Church Furniture Partner, we now have more than a dozen church chair manufacturers and distributors and importers that have asked our ministry to represent their church chairs.  One of our general observations is that the better the quality level of the church chair, the easier the provider makes it for a church to acquire a sample church chair!  And the less confident a supplier is in the quality of their church chair, the more difficult it is to obtain a sample church chair!

Since our ministry provides almost every church chair today, we know which church chairs we would use in our own churches.  We’d love to assist your church in making the very best decision as you purchase church chairs.  Please feel free to contact us at any time and we’ll come alongside your church in this process.