How Denver United Church Saved on Church Chairs

Church Chairs / Worship Seating

ATT00002Our Ministry has now come alongside thousands of churches needing church chairs and church furnishings over the past decade.  Each opportunity possesses its own unique story and experience, yet they share a common goal, the desire to save money on their church chairs and church furniture.  When churches initially contact us, they can be a bit hesitant and even skeptical about the ability of our ministry to provide this savings for them.  However, by the time the project is completed, they can become some of our biggest boosters.  We enjoy sharing such stories with you and in the process reliving them ourselves.

I remember a Friday afternoon about 18 months ago when I received a voicemail from Justin Spicer, then serving as the Executive Pastor of Denver United Church in Denver, Colorado.  My wife and I were in Fort Wayne, IN doing some shopping.  As I listened to the voicemail, I learned that Justin had been encouraged to give us a call by Todd Hudson, Pastor of Freedom Fellowship of Denver.  I immediately recognized Todd’s name as we had come alongside his church in a major way a few months earlier.  I called Justin back while my wife continued shopping and it was then I first learned about Denver United Church.  They were in the midst of a major building project and had large furnishing needs for the project including more than 500 chairs for their worship area.  Justin was interested in discovering whether or not we could indeed save Denver United Church money.

Two weeks ago, 18 months after that first phone call, my wife and I were in Denver and I was able to connect with a variety of churches and suppliers.  One of those we visited was Denver United Church and we had a great time meeting various staff members and touring their completed (and furnished by Church Furniture Partner) facilities.  Besides their worship seating, we had also provided them their church staging, many items for their children’s ministry, and furnishings for various other environments.  During the past months they have actually added to their total number of worship chairs twice since that first phone call to us and growth has been taking place.  We have enjoyed working with Darius Wise, who is now the Executive Pastor of Denver United Church, on those additions.  Denver United Church has in turn recommended Church Furniture Partner to other churches that have in turn contacted our ministry and have been able to enjoy similar savings.  And the cycle of “word-of-mouth” recommendations (versus expensive paid advertising which would hinder our ability to save churches money) continues.

Later that day I was also able to connect with Justin Spicer who now operates Empower Accounting, which provides an outsourced accounting solution for churches across the USA.  There are many churches where an outsourced accounting solution can provide a huge monetary savings to churches.  But as Justin and I reflected on the Denver United Church project we had worked together on, he told me, “George, we did our homework!  It was amazing how much we saved by working with the Church Furniture Partner Ministry!”  That made my day!

We’d love to hear from you in the same way we did from Justin 18 months ago!  We’d love to come alongside your church in the same manner we did with Denver United Church!  Just contact us and we’ll get started!