Jonti-Craft Products for Less! See for Yourself!

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Jonti Craft BerriesJonti-Craft is one of our favorite suppliers for children’s ministry.  Their product line is immense, their quality is valued, and they stand behind their products solidly.  We have worked with Jonti-Craft for many years now and recently we were fortunate to be able to visit their headquarters and factory in Wabasso, MN.  We spent a very enjoyable afternoon meeting the team there, touring the facilities, and just enhancing our working relationship.

So, how does this relate to you? 

Jonti-Craft literally has thousands of products.  If we as a company chose to, we could enter each one of those products on our website, add all the descriptive information about each product, allow you to purchase these products via eCommerce, and then each year update these thousands of web pages with new pricing, remove discontinued products, and then add new products.

There is one huge problem with this scenario though!  It includes a tremendous amount of work that translates into a significant amount of expense which further translates into additional cost to you, — the end user!

Our mission is to save your church, your school, and your organization money.  We do this by providing Jonti-Craft Products for less!

So, how do we provide Jonti-Craft Products for less? 

It is really very simple!  You tell us via phone call or email what Jonti-Craft products you need, and we will give you a low price right from the start!  You will be able to purchase Jonti-Craft Products for Less!

When we began our ministry, we realized there were hundreds of sources on the web advertising that they would provide the lowest pricing.  But obviously that could not be the case for each of those making that claim.  We determined that we would avoid all those costly business practices that result in prices going up.  We are committed to an almost non-existent business overhead!  We have no storefront!  We do not pay for advertising, rather we just have our website that we do personally and then rely on word-of-mouth to pass the word!  We work with customers who pay their bills to avoid any non-collectibles that must be written off!  And all those who are involved in our ministry have other sources of income!

Put all of the above together, and you can save dollars on all your furnishing needs from Church Furniture Partner!  Not only is it the truth that you can have Jonti-Craft Products for Less, but you can acquire all your furnishings for less!  Let us demonstrate that for you!