Church Chair Stackable Bookracks vs. Hanging Bookrack

Church Chairs / Worship Seating

Our church chair ministry often receives questions about the different types of bookracks available for church chairs.  In fact, the question has surfaced so often, we decided an article sharing about church chair bookracks seemed prudent.  First though, a couple of caveats:

  • From our experience, only about 50% of churches today purchase bookracks with their church chairs.  In addition, that number seems to be declining versus increasing.  The commonality of video projection is certainly the causative for this.
  • Not all church manufacturers, distributors and dealers can provide both of the types of bookracks for church chairs that we are going to discuss in this article.  The two we will share about are both available today, but not necessarily will each source have both options.

With that said, here are the two common classes of church chair bookracks:

  • Stack-able Church Chair Book Rack

    Stack-able Chair Bookrack

    A Stackable Bookrack:  By stackable bookrack, we mean that the church chair can be stacked with the stackable bookrack installed.  A stackable bookrack normally has approximately a two inch opening in the rear that books can slide into.  If the book is more than two inches thick, it will not fit.  By limiting the opening to two inches, the chairs are able to be stacked without removing the bookrack.  Churches of course find this very convenient if they often need to stack their chairs.  Also, stackable bookracks most often feature an integrated communion cup holder at no extra charge.  These are very subtle in appearance but provide the functionality often desired by churches.

  • Hanging Book Rack for Church Chairs

    Hanging Book Rack

    A Hanging Bookrack:  By hanging bookrack, we mean that the book rack hangs well down below the church chair creating an almost basket-like effect.  With a hanging bookrack on a church chair, access is available from both the front of the church chair and the rear of the church chair.  The capacity of the hanging bookrack is significant as it can even hold items like jackets and purses, though intended primarily for books.  However, with a hanging bookrack, there is no way that chairs can be stacked with the bookrack still installed.  The bookrack must be removed first.

For churches ordering bookracks with their new church chairs, we find that most will order the stackable bookrack.  The need to stack chairs tends to take precedence over capacity.  However, a good number of churches in our day still will order the hanging bookrack as its capacity is most important to them.

At Church Furniture Partner, we have nearly every church chair manufactured available through our ministry which means we have almost every church chair bookrack also available.  We’d love to come alongside your church for all your church chair and other furnishing needs.  Please contact us whenever those needs arise.