Our New Comfort Back Church Chair from Comfortek Seating

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Church Chair with Comfort Back

Church Chairs can now be upgraded with the “Comfort Back” from Comfortek Seating!  For some time the Comfort Back has been available on various chairs produced for the health care and assisted living and commercial markets.  This feature has been so well-received that we are now making it available on our popular SS-7701 Worship Chair!

The Comfort Back is created by placing two additional blocks of foam within the two edges of the seat back (the side of the church chair your church attendees sit up against).  Once the actual seat back foam is then placed over the top of this area, a gentle curve is created along the entire seat back.  The seat back will still have full lumbar support as that important aspect is not changed or altered in any way by the addition of the Comfort Back.

At Church Furniture Partner, while we provide nearly every church chair manufactured today to churches for less dollars, we have long believed the SS-7701 is the best overall value on the market.  The addition of the Comfort Back simply reinforces that belief.  Churches that receive multiple sample church chairs will immediately recognize and appreciate the feel and the appearance of the Comfort Back versus their other sample chairs.  The Comfort Back is pronounced enough that it can be visibly observed by people before they sit in the church chair.  As soon as the person sits in the church chair though the extra comfort is immediately felt!  Yet the overall radius is so gentle that people can still sit across the seam of two church chairs and not notice any less seating comfort.

In the overhead picture to your right you can observe the Comfort Back.  As you look down the seat back from above, you are able to clearly see the gentle curve of the Comfort Back on the SS-7701 Church Chair.  We’re so confident you will love the Comfort Back that we will make a sample church available to your church at a greatly subsidized rate!

At Church Furniture Partner, our ministry is to save churches dollars on all their church furnishing purchases.  We now carry thousands of different products for churches and love to have the opportunity to save your church money.  Occasionally a feature like the Comfort Back comes along that involves very few extra dollars for a lot of extra comfort and value.  We encourage your church to consider the Comfort Back if you are in the process of adding new church chairs.  Please contact us for more information.