Church Chair Sales and Special Clearance Offers

Church Chairs / Worship Seating

At Church Furniture Partner we now work closely with more than a dozen church chair manufacturers and importers through our ministry to save churches money on all their church furnishings.  Most of these church chair manufacturers and importers will from time to time provide special sale pricing on some of their offerings or special offers to clear out excess inventory or discontinued models.  When that happens, we try to place some of those special offers immediately on our website.  Often these special offers are snatched up very quickly by churches looking for a great bargain on their new church chairs.

While the following list can change very quickly, as we write this we currently have the following special offers available on a first-come and first-served basis.  All of these offers are for the church chairs only and additional shipping charges will apply unless your church is in a position to pick up your church chairs at one of our warehouses.

  • 157 New Church Chairs with Brown Fabric for $26.95 each;
  • 130 New Church Chairs with Black Fabric for $26.75 each;
  • 400 New Church Chairs with Gray Fabric for $26.90 each;
  • 58 New Church Chairs with Red Fabric for $33.00 each;
  • 189 New Church Chairs in Dark Blue Fabric for $33.90 each;
  • 79 New Church Chairs in Sand Fabric for $30.00 each;

These are just some examples of special offers we currently have available (at the time of this post).  If your church is looking for a bargain on church chairs for your church, we encourage you to contact us to compare your need with our current opportunities.  As a part of our cost-saving ministry to churches, we do not employ an IT Department and therefore all of our web content is just a small amount of the chairs we actually have available.  Contacting us is the best way to obtain the best opportunity at our very fluid special offers on church chairs.